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Old 01-19-2008, 06:58 PM   #1
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BMW E-Code Numbers

If you have updates with years or production, please feel free to reply, I will update the list.

E-CODE Description Development Grade Period Made
E100 BMW Isetta Production 1955-62
E101 BMW Isetta 250 Production 1955-62
E102 BMW Isetta 300 Production 1955-62
E103 BMW Isetta CKD or SKD Production 1955-62
E106 BMW 600 Production 1957-59
E107 BMW 700 Sedan Production * 9/59-9/65
E110 BMW 700 Baur-Convertible Production 1961-64
E111 BMW 600 Production 1957-59
E112 BMW 600 SKD (Belgium ot USA ver) Production 1957-59
E113 Projects of 707 to the 1300 Prototype 1960/61
E114 BMW 1502-1802 Production 3/66-7/77
E114C BMW 1600-2 Baur-Convertible Production 1967-71
E114K Kombi-Prototype of E6 Prototype 1965
E114RS Convertible draft of M. Rennen Design 1968
E115 BMW 1500-4 Sedan Production 2/62-12/64
E116 BMW 1600-4 Sedan Production 4/64-4/66
E118 BMW 1800-1800 TI/SA Production 9/63-12/71
E119 BMW 700 LS-Coupe of Baur Production 1964-65
E120 BMW 2000C-CS of Karmann Production 3/66-2/70
E121 BMW 2000-2000 tii Production 1/66-1/72
E122 E3 pre-development with 2.2l Prototype 1966
E124 114-series Student Car Prototype 1966
E126 E3 pre-development with 2.6l Prototype 1966
E501 Sedan Production 1952-58
E502 Sedan Production 1954-64
E503 Sports car as Coupe and Convertible Production 1956-59
E505 V8 State sedan Prototype 1955
E506 Sedan with 3.2l Production 1957-1964
E507a Roadster by Baur Prototype 1955
E507 Roadster by Goetz Production 1956-59
E511 Sedan with 3.2l Production 1957-64
E512 BMW 3200 CS by Bertone Production 1961-65
E520 Project with OHC Prototype 1956
E530 1.6l Sedan Prototype 1958
E531 500er Small Car Prototype 1949
E532 BMW 3200 CS by Bertone Production 1961-1965
E535 Project with OHC by Nockenwelle Prototype 1956
E541 BMW 501 Sedan Production 1952-54
E542 BMW 502 Sedan Production 1954-64
E543 BMW 503 Production 1956-59
E547/1 BMW 507 Production 1956-59
E570 600er Sedan by Goetz Prototype 1955
E580 E570 Something bigger Design 1955
E1 "3,4 m-Electro Car" Prototype 1991
E1/1 "3,7 m-Four Seater" Prototype 1993
E2 US Execution of E1 Prototype 1993
E3 BMW 2500 - 3.0 Si Production 8/68-2/77
E3/2 First Face-Lift of the E3 Production 5/71-8/73
E3/73 Second Face-Lift of the E3 Production 9/73-2/77
E3 Lang E3-Extension (100mm) Production 1/74-2/77
E4 Plastic-E118 ti of Bavarian Prototype Dec-68
E5 "Bracq-Coupe, 1600 ti chassis" Prototype May-68
E6 Touring Production 4/71-4/74
E6/73 Face Lift Touring Production 9/73-4/74
E7 Elektro-114 to the Olympiad Prototype 1972
E7/2 Pre-development of the E29 Design 1974
E8 Face-Lift BMW 1800/2000 Production 9/69-1/72
E9 Coupé on E120 chassis Production 1/68-11/75
E9/73 Face-Lift Coupé Production 10/73-11/75
E10 BMW 2002 -2002 tii Production 1/68-10/75
E10C BMW 2002 Full Cabriolet Production 1971-71*
E10T BMW 2002 turbo (later E20) Production 7/73-7/75
E10Cab BMW 2002 Targa Production 1971-1975
E10/73 Face-Lift of the E10 Production 9/73-10/75
E11 E3 with M27-V8-Engine Prototype Dec-73
E12 First 5-series Production 6/72-8/76
E12+/1-4 "520,520i,518, successor E118/121 " Production 6/72-7/81
E12/1-5 5-series with M60-Engine (M20) Production 9/77-7/81
E12+/1-6 5-series with M68-Engine (M30) Production 10/72-7/81
E12+/1-8 5-series for South Africa Production 2/73-7/81
E12/1S First M 535i Production 4/80-5/81
E13 VCL-Swim/Off-Road car Prototype Aug-70
E14 Off-Road 0.5t (national) Prototype Nov-70
E15 Plastic-Coupe 2.8l Prototype Nov-70
E16 E9 with M27-V8-Engine Prototype Dec-70
E17 0.5gl Plastic with Bölkow Prototype Aug-72
E18 6.5l Coupe with Bizzarini Prototype Aug-70
E19 Bertone study (E114 chassis) Prototype Jul-70
E20 2002 turbo (development from 10/71) Production 7/73-7/75
E21 3-series K-successor Production 9/75-9/77
E21/1 3-series model from 9/77 Production 9/77-9/79
E21/2 3-series model from 9/79 Production 9/79-7/83
E21/3 3-series 3door (Project) Prototype 7/75-10/76
E21/LA 315 development from 7/73) Prototype 7/77-7/83
E21/5 3-series with M60-Engine (dev. from 7/73) Production 7/77-9/82
E21Cab 3-series Convertible Production 1976-1983
E21/R-1 3-series Kit for Junior Team Production 1977
E22 Mid-Engine (E121 chassis) Prototype Mar-75
E23 G-successor (7-series) development from 10/72 Production 2/77-9/79
E23/1 7-series model after 9/79 Production 9/79-9/82
E23/2 7-series model after 9/82 Production 9/82-6/86
E23S 7 series with S38-Engine Production 1/84-5/86
E24 C-successor (6-series) development from 6/73 Production 2/76-4/82
E24/1 6-series on E28-chassis Production 5/82-1987
E24/2 third 6-series Production 1988-4/89
E24/1S 6-series with S36-Engine Production 1984-1987
E24/2S third 6-series with 4-valves Production 1988-1989
E25 BMW turbo (X1) of Bracq Prototype 1972-3/75
E26 Sports Coupe (E25 chassis with M33 Engine) Prototype Dec-73
E26/1 BMW M1 (development from 4/76) Production 11/78-7/81
E26/4 BMW M1 Evo. Limited Production Oct-77
E27 Alternative to E23 and E3 Prototype 11/73-3/74
E28G Bigger E12 successor Prototype 7/74-10/77
E28 5-series M-successor (dev. 10/77) Production 4/81-12/87
E28K E28-Kombi Limited Production
E28S Hand-made M5 Limited Production 10/84-12/87
E29 "Electric vehicle, E107 chassis " Prototype Jul-77
E29/2 Electro-City-Coupe Prototype 1979
E30 3-series K-Successor (dev. 7/76) Production 9/82-12/90
E30/2 3-series 2-door Production 9/82-12/90
E30/2C 3-series convertible Production 9/85-5/93
E30/2S M3 Production 9/86-12/90
E30/2SC M3 Convertible Limited Production 5/88-7/91
E30/2Cab 3-series Baur-Convertible TC2 Production 12/82-4/91
E30/4 3-series 4-door (dev. 9/79) Production 9/83-12/90
E30/4Cab 3-series Baur-Cabriolet TC2-4-door Protorype
E30/5 3-series Touring Production 9/87-2/94
E30/16 3-series AWD (325iX) Production 9/85-12/90
E30Z Z1 7/88-1/89
E30/88 3-series model 88 (Conv. later) Production 9/87-12/90
E31 8-series C-successor (dev 7/81) Production 4/90-6/99
E31S 850CSi Production 2/92-7/95
E32 7-series G-Successor (dev. 9/79 Production 3/86-3/94
E32/2 7-series long version Production 5/87-3/94
E33 Electro-E21 Prototype 10/78-2/80
E34 5-series M-Successor (dev. 7/81) Production 1/88-9/95
E34/2 5-series Coupe (2 door) Prototype 1981
E34/3 5-series Baur-Convertible Prototype
E34/5 5-series Touring Production 9/90-3/97
E34/16 5-Series AWD Production 10/91-7/96
E34S Hand-made M5 Small Production 9/88-7/95
E34/5S Hand-made M5 Touring Small Production 3/92-7/95
E35 General-purpose car with SDP Prototype Oct-79
E36 3-series K-Successor (dev 7/81) Production 12/90-3/98
E36/2 3-series coupe Production 1/92-1/99
E36/2S M3 Coupe Production
E36/2C 3-series Convertible Production 5/93-9/99
E36/2CS M3 Convertible Production -0.125
E36/3 3-series Touring Production 4/95-5/99
E36/4 3-series sedan Production 1/91-98
E36/4S M3 Sedan Production -0.12371134
E36/5 3-series 3-door Compact Production 4/94-
E36/5S M3 Compact Prototype
E36/6 3-series 5-door Compact Prototype 81/82
E36/7 US Z3 Roadster Production 3/96-02
E36/7S M Roadster Production
E36/8 Z3 Coupe Production 98-
E36/8S M Coupe Production
E36/4Cab Baur-convertible TC4 Prototype -0.125
E37 Pre-development electric vehicle Prototype Nov-81
E38 7-series G-Successor for E32 Production 6/94-02
E38/2 7-series Long Version Production 2/94-02
E38/L7 7-series Extra-long Version Production 99-02
E39 5-series M-successor for E34 Production 12/95-02
E39/S M5 Production 12/98-02
E39/2 5-series Touring Production Mar-97
E39/2S M5 Touring Prototype
E39/3 6-series on e39 chassis Prototype Project
E39/4 6-series Convertible on e39 chassis Prototype
E40 K-Successor (Project) Prototype
E42 Smaller 3-series with FWD Prototype
E44 BMW Minivan Project Prototype
E46/2 3-series coupe Production 3/99-2005
E46/2C 3-series convertible 4 seater Production 3/00-2005
E46/3 3-series Touring Production 10/99-2004
E46/4 3-series Sedan (K-successor) Production 4/98-2003
E46/5 3-series 3-door Compact Production 1-Oct
E46/5-S Z2 Project 2002
E48 3-series FWD smaller Prototype ROVER
E49 3-series FWD bigger Prototype ROVER
E50 Mini Production ROVER 02-
E51 Exclusive V12 Coupe Prototype stopped
E52 Z8 Aluminum Roadster/Coupe Production 2000-2003
E53 X5 SAV Production 1999-2006
E53S X5 LeMans Prototype 2000
E55 Longer X5-SAV Prototype 2000
E56 FWD platform for BMW Prototype 2006
E59 6-series Prototype
E59/2 6-series convertible Prototype
E60 5-series Production 2003-
E61 5-series Touring Production 2004-
E63 6-series as 635/645 Co Production 2004
E64 6-series convertible Production 2005
E65 7-series Production 2001-
E66 7-series long version Production 2001-
E67 7-series armored Production
E68 7-series Hydrogen version of E65 Future 5-Apr
E70 X5 SAV Production 2007-
E71 X6 SAV Production 2008-
E81 1-series 3 Door Hatch Production 2005-
E82 1-series Coupe Production 2006-
E82/2 Z2 Future 2006
E83 X3 SAV Production 2003-
E85 Z4 Production 2002-
E87 1-series 5 Door Hatch 2004-
E88 1-series Convertible Production 2008-
E89 Z4 Future
E90 3-series Sedan Production 2005-
E91 3-series Touring Production 2005-
E92 3-series Coupe Production 2006-
E93 3-series Convertible Production 2006-
E94 3-series Compact Future
F01 7-series Future
F02 7-series Longbase Future
F03 7 Series Protection Future 2008-
F04 8 Series Light Base Future 2009-
F10 5-series Future
F11 5-series Touring Future
F12 6 Series Coupé Future 2010-
F12C X4 Series Convertible/Coupé Future 2011-
F13 6 Series Convertible Future 2011-
F25 X3 Future 2011
F30 3 Series Sedan Future 2012-

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Old 01-23-2008, 02:21 PM   #2
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Just FYI, "E" stands for the german word "Entwicklung" which means "Development"

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Old 02-19-2008, 03:49 PM   #3
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"E" stands for Entwicklung, German for development or evolution
some future relase of the F-Code
BMW F03 — (2008) 7 Series Protection
BMW F04 — (2009) 8 Series Light Base
BMW F12 — (2011) 6 Series Coupé
BMW F12C - (2011) X4 Series Convertible/Coupé
BMW F13 — (2011) 6 Series Convertible
BMW F25 — (2011) X3
BMW F30 — (2012) 3 Series Sedan

2004 BMW 325i Touring SGM
2005 Suzuki GSXR 1000|1992 JDM Civic SiR RHD Black
2000 BMW M5 Avus Blue (GONE)
2002 BMW 325i Touring TVM (GONE)
1994 BMW 325i Saloon Black (GONE)
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Old 02-19-2008, 05:39 PM   #4
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Old 03-01-2008, 06:25 PM   #5
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i dont like the fact that they changed it from E to F
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Old 10-26-2008, 10:34 PM   #6
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they cahnged from E to F because the E code has reached 100, and are continuing trough to F01. kinda, starting over if you will.

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this nice! i like this
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thanks.. nice post

'88 E30 325i sold
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'98 E36 M3 Cabriolet -

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F stands for what in German?
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2012? 1 series - F20 ?

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Missing... E86 - Z4 Coupe
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