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Old 10-05-2007, 01:02 PM   #1
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Bad experience with akorcovelos

I had a for sale thread in which i sold a TON of parts. full suspension, full motor, a full motor in parts, a TON of new aftermarket parts, etc.

Everyone would send me a paypal saying what they were paying for, and I made my shipping labels from the addresses on paypal. Some people even requested items be shipped to addresses other than their paypal, which they noted in the paypal payment. That's fine.

However, this member, Akorcovelos, apparently had moved some time ago and never changed his paypal address. Nor did he list an alternate address in the paypal payment.

So I ship 2 boxes of parts. I don't remember exactly what I sold him nor do I care to search through 10 pages of pm's per forum (there are like 5 or 6 forums I posted this stuff on) that I've received in the last few months from selling this stuff.

He calls me after a while, saying he never got the stuff. I give him the 2 tracking numbers. He realizes they went to his old address. He goes there, only 1 package is there. Calls fedex, they go back and forth for a few days and they finally determine the package is MIA.

So then he needs to make a claim. He calls fedex, to find out the shipper has to issue the claim. So I get the tracking numbers, find both receipts, call fedex, talk to them, get them to send a check.

Then I find out they can only send the check to me, unless I give them written documentation giving my permission to address the check to the buyer. So I do that.

Then I call the buyer to make sure he calls them to ensure this is correct. He does so. Our next correspondence is that yes, he talked to them, they are sending the check to him, and everything is set.

Ok. this is over.

NOPE. Some time later I get contact from him saying they are only authorized to send him a check for $100, unless the items were stated for being worth more. Of course they were, they were insured for whatever amount they were worth. You HAVE to state the value in the top of the right hand corner of a fedex ground label, there's no way around it. So it was there. I no longer have the receipt obviously, because this guy told me weeks before that everything was resolved.

Now he's threatening to slander me on these forums because "I'm a bad seller." I did my part, and went way beyond by dealing with all the BS getting him his refund. But a $100 refund for his mistake isn't enough. He wants $55 from my pocket, even though I shipped him the parts he asked for, to the address written in the paypal.

He may have listed an address somewhere in our pm or email correspondence, which I totally believe him for. But I make my shipping labels, and construct what items people bought by their paypal. Like I'm sure everyone else here does

If I were selling just one item or something, it would be easier to sort this out. But when I'm shipping out between 5 and 20 parts PER DAY, I can't really catch other people's little mistakes like not listing their correct address.

I've had I'm sure over 50 transactions on r3vlimited, and a ton on bimmerforums, maxbimmer, e30tech, and local forums. All of them have gone well so I'm not too concerned about my reputation, I just hate dealing with this type of thing. I went out of my way to correct this guys mistake and he wants money from my pocket. Then THREATENS TO SLANDER ME for this whole ordeal. I don't have time to deal with this. I'm in school full time doing 16 credit hours, 2 of which are SENIOR STUDIOS (anyone who's gone through architecture or Env planning and design classes should know how incredibly intense architecture senior studios are, let alone 16 credit hours) plus I work 2 jobs and have zero days off. I'm in school Monday through Friday and I work all day Saturday and Sunday. I don't have time for this.
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Old 10-05-2007, 04:00 PM   #2
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I don't know this member, he has never posted on MAX, but I agree with you, you did the right thing, it's his fault for not sending you the right info, you did your part & more, you shouldn't have to cough up the $55 for his mistake.

Maxbimmer Drama, You Gotta Love It
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Old 10-06-2007, 09:34 AM   #3
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ive had this happen to me before as well. That's why I now stick with local pick-ups only.
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Old 10-10-2007, 08:34 AM   #4
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Dont know him too, dont worry he cant do sh*t.
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Old 10-23-2007, 03:19 PM   #5
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Hey, I have never posted on this forum, but Andre found it nessissary to post his side here, so here's my side pasted from another forum (several as he posted to every forum he could find).

wow, just saw this...I finally gave up on this issue because it was getting me nowhere, I wished him well in future endeavors. I did not threaten to slander, but post factual information about the transaction, which is just what the feedback thread is for. So, I guess I should share a few of the PMs that I sent him, and some of his responses. If your at all interested, read on and decide for yourself.

Originally Posted by akorcovelos
Andre, I see that you have been posting regularly, so I assume you are ignoring my messages. If this issue is not resolved by Monday, I will be posting very honest feedback on ALL the boards. It's not my fault you shipped the parts to the wrong address, i have the messages that I told you numerous times that I had moved from the Gurnee address, and have packages from other members shipped to my new house weekly. I don't really even know where on Paypal you got that address, but it has not been my confirmed shipping address since my move. We're only talking $55 here, but it's the princible that you, as the seller, are responsible for making this right. I went above and beyond, going to the old house and checking to see if they arrived, so now is your time to do the right thing.

Originally Posted by Coldaccord
I don't know what you want me to tell you. You didn't include the proper address in your paypal when you sent me the money. The whole point of paypal having addresses is so you get money for an item, then you ship it to that address. You think when i'm selling 5-20 items to various buyers every day that I get a paypal from them, then figure out what their username is on one of the 5 forums, and go and find their posts, and their pm's? NOONE does this. That's the point of paypal having addresses.

you send money through paypal for an item, and I send said item to the address listed on the paypal. there is noone in the world who does it different. When you buy stuff on ebay, people even pring shipping labels out right from paypal. I just sent to the address listed on paypal.

So, ok, then there is this whole discrepancy. not my fault, i sent everything to the address on the paypal, which is how i got the money. BUT I called fedex, sat on hold, talked to them for however long to work this out. Then call you to ensure it's worked out. Then we touch base again, and say everything is all good and they're sending you a check.

OK, so it's over with.

So I no longer have the receipt from the shipping of it. So yes, I did write the insurance amount on the top of the receipt. You have to. it's how it's done filling out a shipping label for fedex ground. So it was definitely 100% done. But what am I going to say when I call fedex? "Yes, I am sure I wrote $xxx down, but I have no proof because I threw out the receipt, because the buyer told me you already sent him a check." You know what they're gonna say? "Tough luck."

So as much as I appreciate the threat, what am I further going to do. Give you $55 that I don't have for parts that I don't have? I did my part, is what I'm trying to relate to you. I made the transaction like everyone does. You send me a paypal, I ship those parts to that paypal. I even did the whole runaround with fedex to ensure you got money. So why are you putting this $55 on me?

Originally Posted by akorcovelos
Andre, I've shipped with Paypal also, which is how I know that you ship to the CONFIRMED shipping address. The adderss you shipped to was NOT the confirmed address, and if you have ever used Paypal to print shipping labels, as I have, you would know that it prints the confirmed address by default, and no others. I have often seen Paypal accounts that have several addresses listed, do I just pick one randomly? no. I use the confirmed shipping address, that's it purpose. It's not my fault you don't keep documentation for your shipping, and I didn't tell you all was fine because they where sending me a check, I told you they where only sending a check for $100 because you didn't get insurance on the shipment. You say you did, but they disagree, and have their copy of the paperwork to prove it. So once again, how is this NOT your fault as the shipper? You failed to ship to the address that my Paypal account says to, and nobody else off these boards seems to have any trouble with that. And I'm not threatening you, I'm letting you know that I will be posting a record of our communications reguarding this transaction if it's not resolved by Monday. You can post your side of this disagrement if you like. Let the people who plan on buying from you read it and decide for themselves. I imagin the fact that you ignored my last couple of friendly attempts to resolve this will not help your case. When people send you money, they expect a certain level of service, especialy when something goes wrong and the product they paid for is not recieved. Had I not gone out of my way to go to my old address and talk to the current residents, you would be responsible for BOTH packages. Consider yourself lucky I was able to track one of them down.

Originally Posted by ColdAccord
I would say I went beyond my necessary level of service. I contacted fedex on behalf of the missing packages, I did so again after your continued correspondence with them, again after that, and again to ascertain the information necessary to send the check to you instead of me. I had to provide them with written documentation giving them permission to address the check to you. If I wanted to screw you over I could have just kept the check they sent me.

And you did not tell me when they sent the check that it would only be for $100. You told me everything was resolved and they were sending you a check. then 2 weeks later when you got a check for $100, you then told me that the check was only for $100.

I no longer have the receipt to show them what I marked down for insurance. When the discrepancy came up I found the receipts (out of the many I had from shipping all the parts) and contacted fedex. When the issue was "resolved" i threw those away, as I no longer needed them and had quite a number more piling up.

It's not like I'm trying to shortchange you man. If I had the receipt, I would call fedex and dispute it further. But I don't, so there's no documentation I could give to them to prove it. If you want to give me the 2 tracking numbers and/or the case number I could call again and see if they'll trust my word of mouth.

It's not like I'm screwing you here man. I'm not gaining anything. You gave me money for parts, I no longer have them. I shipped them. I don't have some $55 profit that I shouldn't have, sitting here. I think I've been pretty honest and upfront throughout this whole transaction.

Originally Posted by akorcovelos
Alright Andre, I don't think that you did this intentionally to get an extra $55 bucks out of the deal. I also don't think that you shipped to the wrong address intentionally, I understand it was an honest mistake, but the fact still remains that you did make the mistake here. Had you not shipped to an un-confirmed shipping address, I would have gotten both packages, but that's not what happened. Because you made the mistake here, in my mind (and anyone who makes a purchase, I'm sure) that puts the responsibility of paying for the lost goods squarly on you. If I ever shipped something I recieved money for, and the purchaser never recieved the item because I addressed it wrong, it would be my place to either refund the money, or send a new item. Obviously you can't replace the missing parts, so I think a refund for the amount of the missing parts is a fair request. If you disagree that shipping to the wrong address is your fault, I can provide you a copy of the corraspondence we had where I told you a number of times I no longer live in Gurnee, and you can see for yourself that my current address is the only confirmed address on my Paypal account.
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Old 10-23-2007, 03:20 PM   #6
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i was waiting for the rebuttal
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Old 10-27-2007, 06:25 PM   #7
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we've since got this all cleared up. the problem was paypal was listing his old address as confirmed. so while I was shipping it to his confirmed address, paypal listed the wrong address as confirmed, and it didn't show up that way when he checked his paypal.
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