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Old 02-21-2006, 09:02 PM   #16
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this girls legs are useless

I thought la isla bonita video was a fluke that she didnt know how to dance, but this one is even worse.

AHWELL shes hot, bring on more videos
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Old 02-21-2006, 11:44 PM   #17
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Originally Posted by blacknblue-e30
AHWELL shes hot, bring on more videos
exactly! who cares about anything else!
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Old 02-21-2006, 11:58 PM   #18
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another compolation enjoy

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Old 02-22-2006, 12:03 AM   #19
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btw, everything you ever wanted to know,

Who is Alizée?
Alizée Jacotey is a French pop singer, born on the island of Corsica on August 21st, 1984.

How do you pronounce her first name?

In French, all syllables are stressed evenly. The é forces you to pronounce it like a long 'a' sound in English.

Another one of the most common mistakes Anglophones make in French is pronouncing a's like a short 'a' sound in English (cat, hat, etc). So make sure you pronounce the a's in her first and last name like the a in father.

Also, unlike English, there is no diphthong in French. The syllables are short and clipped.

I’ve read that her real name is Jennifer. Is this true?
Some websites and biographies have claimed that her birth name is Jennifer and that Alizée is simply a stage name. This is not true. Where this information came from is unknown, but her name is and always has been Alizée.

I’ve seen her last name spelled “Jacotet” and “Jacotey”. Which one is correct?
The correct spelling of her last name is “Jacotey”.

Why is she sometimes called Lili?
It’s a nickname given to her by friends. Many fans have taken to calling her this as well.

How many albums has she released?
She has released 2 studio albums and 1 live album. Her first studio album, Gourmandises, was released in 2000, while her second studio album, Mes courants électriques, was released in 2003. Her live album, titled Alizée En Concert, was released in 2004.

What singles have been released?
Her first single, Moi… Lolita, was first released in the summer of 2000, became a major hit throughout France and Europe and perhaps remains her one of her most famous songs. The other singles from the album Gourmandises are: L’Alizé, Parler tout bas, and Gourmandises. The singles from her album Mes courants électriques are J’en ai marre !, J’ai pas vingt ans !, and A contre-courant. No singles were released for the live album, although a music video with a live version of Amélie m'a dit was aired on French television to support the release of the live album.

Are there any Alizée DVD’s available?
Yes. The only official Alizée DVD is Alizée En Concert, released around the same time as the CD album of the same name.

There are a few fan-made DVD’s available that consist of television appearances she has done. One of these is Une fée nommée Alizée, made by Robin Spark. Another popular series is Sailor’s Merci, Alizée DVD’s. These DVD’s are no longer available through their creators, but can be downloaded free of charge on places like the Alizée DC++ Hub.

Will the En Concert DVD play on my DVD player?
The En Concert DVD is a Region-Free DVD in PAL format, so any standalone PAL DVD player (regardless of Region) or computer equipped with a DVD-ROM drive should be capable of playing the DVD. Standalone NTSC DVD players will not be able to play the DVD unless it has been equipped with PAL-NTSC converter. So then the question becomes, does your player read PAL, NTSC or both? It usually depends on where you live in the world. Most DVD players in North America and Japan are only capable of playing NTSC format discs while most of the rest of the world uses PAL (France and a few other countries use SECAM which is very similar to PAL, but that's another story). To see which format your country uses, check out this website.

If you're in one of those countries that uses NTSC, there's still hope for you. First of all check your DVD player's manual to see if it can play PAL. Though in the minority, some players sold in NTSC countries can play both formats, converting PAL signals for playback on NTSC TV screens. If your player has that ability, you should be all set. If not, buying one shouldn't be any more expensive than a regular DVD player. It may be easier to look online for these types of players since they're usually not advertised at your normal brick-and-mortar store. To get you started, you're going to want a DVD player like this one. The alternative is to buy a PAL DVD player and connect it to your NTSC TV set via an external PAL-to-NTSC converter. If you do go this route and also plan on using that player as your everyday DVD player (since many PAL DVD players can also play NTSC DVD’s), be wary of its Region coding, since it may be different than that of your country.

Will the unofficial DVD's player on my DVD player?
The unofficial Une fée nommée Alizée and Merci, Alizée DVD's are presented in the same format as the En Concert DVD, so all the same information provided in the previous answer should also apply here. The only possible issue with these unofficial DVD's is that they are usually copied onto DVD recordable discs. There are two recordable formats: DVD-R and DVD+R. While DVD+R supposedly has some technical advantages, DVD-R is more widely compatible with most DVD players. The original authors of these DVD's usually copied them onto DVD+R discs, but that shouldn't be much of an issue now since they are no longer being sold. But do make sure you use a compatible format for your DVD player when you burn your own copies.

Where can I buy Alizée CD’s, DVD’s, magazines, etc…?
If you live outside of France, the easiest way to buy Alizée-related merchandise is online. Some good online stores that carry CD’s and DVD’s include,, (accounts created at one Amazon site will also work on all other Amazon sites),, and

From time to time, Alizée will be featured in various French magazines and publications. You can order the most recent issues online at Alizée’s official magazine, ActuAlizée, is currently only available by subscription and you can only subscribe to the magazine directly through the publisher, Confidential Group.

Other miscellaneous items, such as tee shirts, concert programs, and coffee mugs, can be purchased at

Related topic:,82...ds%2C-etc.html

Who are Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat?
Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat are Alizée’s producers. Mylène, one of France’s most well-known pop artists, wrote the lyrics to all of Alizée’s songs, while Laurent composed the music. Mylène and Laurent started their collaboration with the release of the single Maman a tort in 1984 and have been working together ever since.

How was Alizée discovered?
In 2000, Alizée appeared on the French television show Graines de Star, a show where kids and teens compete in singing or dancing competitions. Although she was more of a dancer than a singer, her friends signed her up to compete on the show as a singer. She appeared twice, singing Axelle Red’s Ma prière both times and winning both times. However, she would not make another appearance because she had a prior commitment to something far more important. She had taken part in a casting call that asked for a young teenage girl to sing a new song about lolitas. Unbeknownst to her, the casting call was set up by none other than Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat. Needless to say, Alizée was chosen and the song became the hit Moi… Lolita.

Does she write song lyrics, compose music or play a musical instrument?
As mentioned before, Mylène writes her song lyrics and Laurent composes her music. She still is, however, involved in the songwriting process by relating her likes, dislikes, desires, fears, etc… to Mylène, and her musical preferences to Laurent. She is currently learning to play the guitar.

Where can I find translations for songs, interviews, press articles, etc…?
The Alizée FanPage has English translations for all Alizée songs and its press section has possibly the largest collection of press articles translated into English on the web. The most recent press articles are usually translated and posted in the Alizée News section. Translation requests and other miscellaneous translations you've found or done yourself should be posted in the translations thread.

Outside of the Alizée FanPage and Forum, the M.F. International forum has some good song translations and interpretations, many of which provide an alternate point-of-view than those presented on this site. It is recommended to read the translations both on this site and on M.F. International in order to have a more complete understanding of the songs.

I heard that she split from Mylène and Laurent and got dropped by her record company, Universal. Is any of this true?
Officially, no. In April of 2004, her official website posted a response denying all those rumors that the tabloids had reported. However, rumors still persist that she will not be working with Mylène or Laurent for her next album and that she might actually work with the French group Indochine. Only time will tell.

Related topic:,64...s-claims-.html

When is her next album coming out?
Nobody knows yet. It's possible that work on it may have already begun, or that she is taking more time off to raise her child. But right now, there isn't any solid information about this.

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When is her next album coming out?
Nobody knows yet. It's possible that work on it may have already begun, or that she is taking more time off to raise her child. But right now, there isn't any solid information about this.

When are her next concerts scheduled for?
There are no concerts currently planned.

Is she ever going to release her albums or do any promotion in the US?
No. She has mentioned in interviews that she has no desire to do so.

How can I contact Alizée?
You can write a letter to her and/or request an autograph at the following address:

c/o Polydor - Universal Music
20/22, Rue des Fossés-Saint-Jacques
F - 75005 Paris

Her e-mail address is, although currently, the account is inoperable and if you try to send a message, you will receive a “Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender” message.

Related topic:,97...l-address.html

What's up with her official website?
Currently, if you go to, you will only see a black screen with an e-mail address. It is likely that the site is being updated and will be re-launched (possibly with a new URL) around the time her next album is released.

Did she ever finish school? What about her driver’s license?
She dropped out of school due to lack of time but she continued her studies through correspondence courses. She plans one day to finish her studies and receive her baccalauréat, the French equivalent of a high school diploma. Likewise, she hasn’t gotten her driver’s license either due to lack of time.

Who is this Jérémy guy? And is Alizée really married to him?
Jérémy Chatelain is a singer who got his start on the French reality show competition, Star Academy 2. Alizée and Jérémy met on March 25, 2003, on the set of the show Eurobest and the two got married in Las Vegas on November 6, 2003. It is unknown whether the marriage was ever legalized in France.

Related topic:,11049,.html

Is Alizée really a mother? What is the baby's name?
Yes, she gave birth to a baby girl on the night of April 28th/29th 2005 in a hospital in Paris. There has been no official statement on the baby's name, though many papers and magazines report it to be "Anny-Lee". Other spellings of the name include "Annily", "Annie-Lee", and "Hannah Lily".

Who is Olivier?
Olivier Kahn is Alizée’s manager. Back before it was publicly known who he was, the French tabloid magazine Voici rumored that the two were romantically involved. However, that proved to be false.

Where does Alizée live now?
She currently resides in Paris, although she frequently visits her home and family in Ajaccio.

Where can I download Alizée videos?
The Alizée DC++ Hub is one of best peer-to-peer networks to find Alizée videos. See the Hub FAQ for more information. You can also download her music videos at her official website.

I have an mp3 called “Fantasy Love”. Is this really one of Alizée’s songs?
No, it’s not. The song is performed by the group Luna Freestyle, which features a singer whose name is also Alizée.

Does the song Amélie m’a dit have anything to do with the movie Amélie?
Yes, the song is inspired by the movie, although it has no official connection. The film happens to be one of Alizée’s favorites. It is also possible that the song was also inspired by the French author Amélie Nothomb, who is one of Mylène’s friends.

If you've seen an Amélie m'a dit music video that features clips from the movie Amélie, it was made by a fan. The official music video contains clips from her concert.

It looks like she’s lip-syncing in every video I’ve seen. Doesn’t she ever sing live?
That’s just the way the majority of all televised musical performances in France (and most of Europe too) are done. All singers do this, not just Alizée, but there are a handful of TV performances where she sings live:

Moi… Lolita @ Top of the Pops Italy, Eurobest, Star Academy & a performance in Korea.

In addition, she sang 100% live for her 2003 concert tour as well as the Les Enfoirés concerts.

Related topics:,,280623.html

What is Les Enfoirés?
Les Enfoirés is a group of French singers, actors, comedians and other celebrities that gets together every year to put on charity concerts, benefiting the organization Les Restaurants du Coeur (or Les Restos du Coeur for short), which helps feed the poor. Alizée participated in these concerts in 2001 and 2002.

I found an animated gif of Alizée dancing in a skimpy black outfit. What video is this from?
It’s most likely her performance of J’en ai marre ! at Pour Laurette. There are also gifs made from her J’en ai marre ! performance at Chanson Numéro 1. Both performances are quite similar.

What connection is there between Alizée and the female Night Elf's dance in the game World of Warcraft?
The Night Elf's dance was probably inspired by portions of the dance Alizée does in her television performances of J'en ai marre !, particularly the sequence performed during the song's bridge. If you're looking for a video of this, the choreography is the same in all J'en ai marre ! performances , so any will do (the official music video does not contain dance choreography). Also see the previous question.

What song is used in the fan-made compilation video by "Accu" (which can be seen here)?
L'Alizé. It was the second single from her first album Gourmandises.

Has Alizée ever appeared nude? What about this striptease video I've seen?
No! Except for a few photos taken when she was a toddler (which appeared in the concert program for her 2003/2004 tour), any nude pictures or videos you have seen of Alizée are fake. One video in particular erroneously labels an anonymous teenage girl walking topless on the beach as Alizée, but it is not her.

As for the striptease video, this is not Alizée either, but a French stripper/porn star who goes by the name of "Decibelle". Bearing a slight resemblance to Alizée, Decibelle took advantage of this by imitating her, using the "lolita" image and the song Moi... Lolita (with modified lyrics) in her striptease act. As is the case with the "topless beach" video, this striptease video is often erroneously labeled as being an Alizée video. But now you know it's not true.

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here's an interesting vid

just hit PLAY

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Originally Posted by Hound
here's an interesting vid

just hit PLAY
hahaha someone plz caption wat the old man is thinking in that video

and that nude video....why arent those guys in the water with her making a grab for them like any normal guy would do?
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paul christians
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the old man is thicking did bring my vigre,so I hit them both tonight....evil hehehe...
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OMG I feel like a pedo

Helprace, a helpdesk & community platform
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Originally Posted by paul christians
the old man is thicking did bring my vigre,so I hit them both tonight....evil hehehe...
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