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Old 01-17-2006, 05:05 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by BennyL
for the record, the stealership told me that most of the OEM rotors are zimmermann. im not sure if that is correct, but i assume they know what they are talking about.

if, for some odd reason, you decide to go with OEM parts, make sure to let me know, as i can get you a better price at the stealership.

now... i have a question to post to the knowledgeable ppl here. im in the same boat as sillyE36, as i need new front pads BADLY (and possibly rotors).

so i know shit-all about pads. as far as rotors go, i'll get blanks in the front. if i ever need rears, i need ventilated, since thats what comes stock on the convertibles.

but i need your help with pads!!!!! what are my options, what are the differences?

i can get Monroe pads at Canadian Tire for $60 or some high-end AC-Delco pads for $90 at Vaughn Auto. OEM pads from the stealership are $125 for the front set. and i also found a guy on ebay who can get me ceramic pads by TruStar for $80 shipped.

what are ceramic pads? is that a good price? does anyone know Trustar? are they good?

You can get Pagid or Jurid, which back when the E36 was new, these companies produced the pads for Mercedes and BMW, so it is like buying OE. And yes, zimmerman supplies BMW, except it doesn't come in a zimmerman box

As for the pics, nothing is 100% and they will crack, not saying that they won't but if driven properly, the chances are minimized. As for the metal brakes in the pics, why not try to find a pic of a new lemans car with those brakes? And I said I thought most did, not that they did.

I like x-drilled, some people don't and like blank or slotted. If everyone liked the same thing, it would be a boring world...
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Old 01-17-2006, 05:31 PM   #17
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ATE provides rotors for E36, not Zimmermann.

I posted pics, not to show that they use metal one, but to show no one uses cross drilled rotors.

last pic

sillyE36, if I were you I would go with OEM rotors and aftermarket pads.
That would be the best setup.

If you end up getting M3 kit from Temp, which I highly recomend, get euro spec M3 rotors

They are lighter, cool much faster and look cool
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Old 01-17-2006, 06:04 PM   #18
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yeah, sillyE36, I suggest the same thing. OEM rotors, and aftermarket pads - thats the setup i'm gonna go with. rotors at the stealership arent THAT much anyways. I got a higher price on the Monroe rotors at Canadian Tire, than I did on OEM's.

now can somoene answer my damn question about pads?

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Old 01-17-2006, 09:32 PM   #19
Has no idea whats goin on
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im in the midst of gathering my parts for my brake job, new front and rear rotors, new front and rear padds. For rotors im going blank oem, most likely or maybe brembo. for padds, i have pbr deluxe plus front and rear.

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Old 01-17-2006, 09:54 PM   #20
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Originally Posted by cisco911
All race cars runs ceramic rotors and pads I believe
Wow, so untrue. There are so many racing organizations which prohibit ceramic rotors, Indy cars for example use steel rotors, so do Nascar.

As for your had improved feel (more bite), but I doubt you ever went out and measured stopping distances. X-drilled rotors have less surface area (less friction area), less mass to absorb heat (fade easier), and yes, crack, even OEM x-drilled rotors will crack, warp, etc. Brembo themselves even went public and said the only reason they even make them is because customers like the way they look.

X-drilled is great on motorbikes (less weight), and vehicles that operate in mud and water.

Remember, your brakes don't stop your car, your brakes stop your wheels, you tires stop your car. You can have a $10000 Brembo setup, 15" rotors, 4-12 piston calipers, but if you're running Kumho 712s for example it's all useless, all you have are fade free brakes that won't stop any better then stock.
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Old 01-18-2006, 01:29 AM   #21
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thinair wins!

now, a message to anyone on here who intends on buying OEM rotors or any OEM parts: please contact me. i can save you money at the dealership!

so is anyone on here going to answer my question about brake pads?

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Old 01-18-2006, 01:17 PM   #22
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I have Brembo blanks and Hawk HPS pads.
I really like this set-up.
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Old 01-18-2006, 03:44 PM   #23
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ok, lets simplift my question. since it seems there are a whole lot of brake pad companies out there, can someone just explain to me what "kind" of brakes is should look for, rather than what "brand"?

i want something that will stop as well as my OEM pads, but maybe won't create so much damn brake dust.

as i mentioned before, i found someone on eBay with ceramic brake pads by TruStar. does anyone know anything about these, or has anyone heard of this company before?

i would like to also know how much i can expect to spend. because i dont wanna go much over $75 for a set of pads.

My Ride: E36 318 Convertible - Black Ext. Peanutbutter Int.
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