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Old 04-12-2013, 11:51 AM   #1
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Street/Track Tire choice for having fun in 2013

Since the new season is about to start... despite the little bit of snow on the ground I thought I would be a good idea to dig into some peoples knoledge about their summer tire choice. Also to get some thoughts on the new tires coming out this year.
From the little I've found out there is a new Dunlop to replace the star spec, the ZII; and a new BF Goodrich and Bridgestone.

From Tire rack:
the BF, Dunlop and Bridgestone

I also managed to find somebody who compared the ZII to the star specs on Tire Rack, (Since I know alot of people who run them)

"I just purchased the new ZIIs and ran them for a day at a POC time trial at Willow Springs, and I was very impressed. The dry grip is excellent as expected, but their greatest asset to me is the steering response and communication. I can really feel subtle changes in grip through the steering wheel and seat, which is invaluable for track use. I was the only car in the run group on true street tires (all of the rest were R-comp) and my times were top 6 out of the group of 20 or so). The rear end grip in the slower uphill Omega section of the track was particularly impressive.
I had 7-8 sets of the Z1 Star Specs for track/street use in the past few years, as well as a couple sets of Hankook RS-3 since then. The Z1 Star specs are the best all-around tire that I have experienced in terms of a dual-purpose street/track tire and dry/wet grip for the money. The Hankooks have excellent mid-corner grip in the dry and are dirt cheap, but I felt the sidewalls were too soft and the steering response/communication was not as good as the Z1 Star Specs. They also had no grip in colder ambient temps (below 60 F) and in the wet. The Z1s had excellent grip during the wet track days that I ran them on and would only hydroplane in deep standing water. Judging by the massive tread blocks on the new ZIIs, I am not sure if they will be quite as good as their predecessor in the wet. However, I did have to drive through some slush/light snow in 30 degree temps for a short period on the ZIIs on the way to Willow Springs (which is of course NOT recommended with this type of tire!) and they actually did pretty well! The excellent communicability of the tires conveyed that there was not much grip available and I never felt unsafe. I will report back after more track events (I will run them back to back with my Toyo RA1s at Streets of Willow this weekend), but I am extremely satisfied with the ZIIs so far!"

In addition I have recently been suggested to run Falken Azenis 615k. (which you dont find on tire rack) if your interested Most of us being Canadian customers I found Tire Trends which seem to be a good rival for Tire Rack prices

And if your looking a little cheaper I dont think you can beat the Kumho Ecsta XS, the Hancook Ventus RS3 or the Continental ExtremeContactDW
(Kumho's on a 270z)
"I used these tires for daily driving and track use, the rears wore out @ 7000 miles (I have a welded diff, and about 500rwhp) and the fronts are still going strong about 50% left. I was very suprised with how well they handled in the rain. GREAT TIRES FOR THE MONEY. I have had bfg's kdw's (the 300 treadwear verion) and these grip way better but dont last as long. I have also used the toyo proxies ra1 (100 treadwear verion) when the tires were hot the toyo's were a little bit more grip, but cold the kumho xs were way better."

"I use these tires for 5 to 7 track days a year, have two seasons of track days on them, and drive them 5 to 6 months out of the year as my daily tires in the summer in Seattle.
These tires are great on the track! Predictable, consistent, and very little fall off after a 25 minute session. I run double sessions with students as I also teach for the local Audi club as a track instructor. These tire take A LOT of abuse during track days, and they always are there for you during a day at the track.
Daily driving they are a bit on the noisy side, BUT they are solid in Seattle rain if you use your head, and the AWD of the S4 to your advantage.
My one gripe is that the tire does not come in a 245x35x18 as the rims I use are a wider offset, and I get just a touch of tire rub on the inner fender wells.
I would totally recommend this tire to anyone looking for the tire you can drive to the track, kick butt with, and then drive home and around town on."

I currently have the Continental's and they are a great tire for the money, they have stood up to everything I can throw at em. I've been to 2 BMW schools, 2 track days, I think 7 auto-x, and 15000km road use, they have great grip (not as much as the Star specs) but I believe their better in the rain. Currently they are rock hard, so I gess they dont have many heat cycles in them but,but theres still tread, only good enough for daily use though.

Most of you have your tire of choice but maybe its time to mix it up a little ... Yes I have only posted good reviews and there are always bad ones, but I leave it up to you to decide what you want to believe
Since I don't know everything, and I've added what I think are expirienced reveiws please add your two cents and other possible new/good tires on market that people might be interested in. For street/track use... I based my findings on tires 215/xx/16 that are <180$ea or whatever size was closest...
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Old 04-12-2013, 05:19 PM   #3
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Got me some ZIs for this year


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Old 04-12-2013, 06:55 PM   #4
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Old 04-16-2013, 08:26 AM   #5
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I picked up some G-Force Rivals when I was in the states to replace my Falken 615. Should be interesting to see how them compare. From everything I've read they are supposed to be better.

Also picking up some used R888s and Falken 912 for the street today.
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