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Old 05-11-2012, 06:23 PM   #61
King Sirex
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Originally Posted by MrRWD View Post

I’ve never been to India (or China), but from friends who’ve bought houses and cars for parents in the major cities of India, it’s not cheap. Not everyone lives in “Tents” covered in filth. Ignorance is bliss…
You don't understand the context of living in filth as was used by me earlier. They have true scarcity and alot come from nothing. The very smart, well educated Indians and Chinese don't come to Canada because they get good paying jobs in their home country.

Take a look at properties outside of New Deli (New Deli would be more)..... $253K USD, and I bet they don’t have much of a mortgage.
you're talking and comparing apples to oranges. These are gated communities with security and probably armed guards.

I looked into investment properties there. Gone are the days of buying a house for $25K USD in India near major cities.
Pretty sure you didn't look hard enough.

You’ll naturally have more India’s or Chinese with more education, because those societies put a greater importance on education (A lot of them have done their master’s and PHD’s here in North America).
You're wrong. There are 300 million middle class Chinese, and probably similar or more Indians. Of course they will bound to have a greater population of highly educated individuals. However, there education does not equate a Canadian education, sorry to burst the buble. An Indian engineer is not a CDN or US engineer.

Things we learned in grade 10 science/physics are taught in grade 7/8 in major Indian schools.
And we are “not allowed” to fail or keep kids back a grade if they don’t pass….. nice!!!
that doesn't make sense, but okay, sounds overly exagerated for something you are trying to pass for facts.

That’s why in India, a bus driver, construction worker, or an assembly worker wouldn’t make an equiv of $60K/year. Education = $$$$$ not physical labour.
comparing apples to oranges. In India and China you can live in on $1 a day. In Canada you can't.

There are jobs. It was actually hard to hire Engineer’s who were truly smart (not book smart). Some people don't interview well. Some just passed by. Some went to bad schools.

Jobs went to two Indians who did their undergrads at Waterloo and UofT. Among the whites, the work ethics was not there – a sense of entitlement was.
This sense of entitlement stems from most people that went to a cush university degree and think they deserve a 90k job because of it.

But here, because of the unions, you have bus drivers and auto workers making $60-$80K/year and most likely more than a new engineering graduate.
So what if they make that much? They don't get that to start. And bus drivers don't exactly get the best hours or best routes. How the hell are you going to have good people driving busses in a city where the cost of living is so high?? are these people go to work for $10 an hour and live in Thunder Bay and comute down to Toronto for an 8 hour shift? Get real, housing isn't cheap in Toronto and neither is the cost of living.

I know tons of these TTC/Union works…. No education at all… making very good money, waiting to retire with big pensions. Thanks Unions!!!!
You seem to think these pensions are handed to people. YOU HAVE TO PAY to get a pension. They deduct it from your paycheque. As for education, so what? As stated above, the TTC workers need to live in the city that they work for dont you think?

Having house prices drop by 50% sounds great for people (more affordable), but that would mean huge unemployment, drop in the GDP, loss of jobs. You think the states was bad……
Buying a house would be the least of your worries.
no one said it was a good thing.

When GM couldn't build enough trucks for the demand (Margins are very high on these), and the Unions used to strike, they would simply give in.
- Lifetime Medical
- Tuition for their kids
- Guaranteed Work
Made up information from union haters. Show me which union, other than a university teachers union, in which these assembly workers got free tuition for their kids. Making shit up. Life time medical? wtf are you smoking. Most union pensions are structured so when you retire you have to PAY for medical benefits and it's not cheap either.

Whatever the Unions asked, they got....... I'd like to be part of a Union as well...
Everyone should have known the gravy train would soon end… .

Remember Budd Automotive out in Kitchener.
They made Truck Frames. Employed 3000 employee's.

- You'd see those workers strike year after year.
More union hate. They don't STRIKE every year, they strike at the end of their contract, if that happens every year, whos fault is it if GM only wants to sign for 1 year?

I know a few that were making $100K+ with overtime back in 2005ish.
They bought $500K homes, with variable interest rates, at their max budget.
(Knew a few cases).

I wonder where they are now??? Things like this lead to the housing boom.
(The plant closed in 2009. I laughed my head off).
Wow, youre ****ed up if you think that shit is funny. Having 3000 people go without jobs isn't exactly good for the economy. At the end of the day these people were putting money into our economy day to day.

I don’t know what immigrants that are coming from the tent villages in India/China, and getting $100K jobs here.
more misunderstanding. THEY DONT. They come here from poverty, are willing to work for pennies on the dollar.

The ones that do get those jobs, are highly educated, very skilled, and bring a lot of assets to Canada (Cash). I know tons that have brought $200-400K into Canada and bought homes, cars, furniture here. That's what our economy needs. Not 5% down.. but 20-50% down on homes.
laundered money thats a good thing eh?

It’s our local white folks that live on extreme credit, and think owning a 4 Bedroom, 2 Car Garage, Single Detached house in Toronto is a right.
lol ok
If you did a poll on the rental squatters, late rent payers, frequent visitors to tenant tribunal, it’s going to be our good old white folks. …. “Canadians”…..
hey I guess the same thing could be said about black people, you know most of them being on welfare and all......

Also, most Asian/Indian parents will leave a good size inheritance for their kids. White folks will make their last cheque bounce.
wow, crack smoking at its finest.

incredible post, from an incredible person. One word: bigot.
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Old 05-14-2012, 11:22 AM   #62
wouldu like some tinfoil?
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Quebec student leader: Gov't apathy worsened dispute

13/05/2012 8:33:42 PM Staff

One of the most outspoken voices in Quebec's student movement has suggested that tuition fee protests have escalated in recent weeks due to government foot-dragging.

Today we are joined on the line by Eric Bouthillette of Montreal who has been documenting the student protests on the front lines since it started.
Eric tells us about his experiences while filming the intense clashes between the police and protesters.

^ mentions 3 people in coma's, a guy lost an eye - claims the police have been excessively shooting people with rubber bullets
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