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Old 05-04-2010, 08:03 AM   #1
6th Gear Member
Join Date: Apr 2002
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Unhappy Gaaaaah.............

There's a chance that I may sell the E30 M3 this week. Someone is coming to look at it that's seriously interested tonite. There's a lot of years and sweat behind the car and it still isn't done. Two things are bothering me deeply if it does sell.

A. She's my baby. A lot of time, effort, sweat and cash dumped into this money pit. Going to feel empty knowing she's gone....... IF she sells.

B. Never finished her the way I wanted to. This would be car number two that I've had for a while where great effort was expended and the project never 100% finished cause someone wanted it. Project number two that I've done MOST of the work and SPENT most of the money only to pretty much give it all away. Gaaaah, how stupid does that sound. Although a buddy of mine said it correctly, it's not always about the end product and the money, it's about the adventure of getting there, the satisfaction you get during the build, the new friends you've made, etc. Everything else is irrelvant............... unless you're on welfare of course.

The car has been kinda up for sale in the back of my head for some time. I just haven't had the time to spend to finish it and with a family that has me running around 24/7/365, car projects are unfortunately really low on the priority list.......................... ESPECIALLY where my wife is concerned.

Anyways, we'll see how tonite goes................ just venting right now.........
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Old 05-04-2010, 10:07 AM   #2
the misanthropist
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This is why you should never count dollars when they go into your toy car. It helps to try to keep it all in cash, so you can forget it and not see the credit bills later. Try not to think of it as losing money. Like your friend said, you paid the money for the experience, and you got the experience. People pay insane amounts to go on trips and adventures, I see this as the same thing. Except you have something to show for it, and maybe get some $ back.

Good luck with the sale.
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Old 05-04-2010, 11:51 AM   #3
if I lived . I would be ~
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Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: Ottawa
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When you're working on it, does it make you happy? When you think about it when you can't work on it, does it still make you happy?

I think its a combination of everything: joy of working on it, satisfaction of a job well done, the excitement of learning and trying new things and the joy of having something amazing to drive. When some / all of these go missing, or it begins to interrupt your life too much, that's when selling comes up. Good luck with your conundrum.
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Old 05-04-2010, 12:26 PM   #4
6th Gear Member
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Toronto
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Well I bought my car with no knowledge on how to fix even a simple car. So far I've had to sink some money into it just to get it road worthy. But with all the experience I'm getting from doing things myself instead of buying something that has warranty, I will know how to fix it again if something happens. For some reason, now I want to just do everything myself because I find it fun to work on something now.
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Old 05-04-2010, 01:04 PM   #5
2nd Gear Member
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Location: Mississauga
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Is it driveable? Unless you are selling it cause you need money, there really isn't much reason to sell this car as E30 M3s are only going up in value. Glad to hear you enjoyed the build and gained a lot of experience along the way but sounds like you are going to regret selling.

Make it driveable so whenever you think about selling it you can just rip around a few turns to change your mind...

If it's interfering with your family life that's another story and don't feel bad about letting it go you are doing the right thing.

I bought mine with a blown motor and rebuilt it myself and in the process did a minor restoration on the car. Since then I've got married and had a baby girl and can't imagine how I'd find time to have done the same thing.

To be honest if I couldn't drive it once in a while I bet I would be thinking of selling it too, but when I drive it, it just sounds so ridiculous and handles so crazy that I can't bring myself to do it. I've had a lot of fun cars but this car is just over the top for driver experience. I've driven my buddies 06 Mini S and even though it handles like a go cart something is missing compared to the E30 M3.

Here is mine after taking it for a drive and giving it a quick wax yesterday, I probably drove it the hardest yesterday then I've ever driven it as I have about 2K on the rebuild now and started using synthetic.

Also If I were you I wouldn't entertain an offer less than 15K.

Good Luck!
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Old 05-04-2010, 02:40 PM   #6
3rd Gear Member
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Location: Downtown Toronto
Posts: 334
As with almost all cars, 99% of the money you put in, you'll never see again.

I have passed the point of spend more than my car's actually worth months ago.

Here's the way I look at it... AND if you look at this way our cars are AMAZING bargains!

What's the price of any new car these days? A friend of mine recently bought a Hyundai for about $18,000.

Even if you spend more on an old BMW you'll be getting soooo much more.
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Old 05-04-2010, 03:55 PM   #7
6th Gear Member
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I don't even save receipts for parts. I don't wanna have the ability to tally it up! At least in your case, because of the money these cars fetch, you can possibly recoup a lot of the money you've spent fixing it. But if you have somewhere to keep it, then why sell it just because "someone wants it?" Just work an hour here and there when you can - it'll be worth it in the end......

And.....if it makes you feel better, I know a lot of guys (myself incl.) who get heat from the old lady for spending too much time in the garage. It's unavoidable!
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Old 05-04-2010, 06:42 PM   #8
Driving in the fast lane
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Project cars are great to turn to as a stress reliever from the daily grind of work. Quiet, thoughts to yourself, and a satisfaction that each day you work on it the car gets one step closer to being road worthy.

'04 645cic
'05 GMC Sierra SLT Z71 CCSB 4x4
'00 740i Sport
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Old 05-04-2010, 08:51 PM   #9
2nd Gear Member
razzor's Avatar
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Location: Niagara region
Posts: 64
It's all true, what they say, my car will not ever recover what I put into it.
Really don't care, this is my car, I will not have another unless this one gets rittin off.
I am doing wheel bearings, links, new air box, expansion tank, upper bypass hose, this is just this year, next year will be more, but the car is in the blood, if it gets to where it is not, it's time to sell. move on!. but remember dude M3's are special and not so easly replaced and you know this one.
Don't just look at the money, unless you have too. FAMILY IS FIRST.
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Old 05-04-2010, 10:21 PM   #10
3rd Gear Member
Brent's Avatar
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These posts are all really well stated. I've put over 4 g's into a car that I bought for $400, and probably couldn't sell for $1000...I met lots of new people, and became better friends with others. I have also become a bit of a go to guy for my friends regarding car repair (for those of you that have read my questions on the forum, I swear this is true lol), and I am proud of the knowledge I've gained. I'm a much more well rounded person, and the pride I have (new thread with my completed car should be up this weekend) in my ride is well worth the $ I spent. Also, I've never had a sports car, and my E30 is the most fun I've ever had driving a car. If I couldn't drive it and work on it, I still think I'd just keep it, and pull it out of the garage on Sundays to clean. I say keep it unless it's affecting your family life, it's worth way more to you than anyone else and you will miss it like crazy...
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Old 05-05-2010, 07:25 AM   #11
6th Gear Member
Join Date: Apr 2002
Location: Wooda-bridga
Posts: 2,284
All great posts guys........... thanks.

The f-ed up thing is I want to spend time working again on the car as it was a ground up restoration. It's plated and on the road. I was at the point of sorting out all the little gremlins. So I did spend time driving it.............. and she broke down a few times too due to stupid issues !! All part of the fun. But oddly enough not being able to spend time on her and having her just sit there kinda stresses me out........... seems like such a waste that keeps nagging at me in the back of my mind. And the car sits in the garage taking up space I don't have. I've sat on it like this for 3 years now and the time is not there and............. AND the wife hates it.

Also, so much going on EVERY day all year around with a 6 year old girl and a 10 year old boy that are so involved in stuff. Gaaaah.

Regardless......... I guess I just venting to justify in print to myself why I'm selling it, although it pains me to actually know I'm dumping the car. The guy came by yesterday and it looks like it's sold. He's dropping off a deposit in the next week. I got decent money for the car but that's not important to me. It's sad and yet a relief. Although it's NOT gone yet until the money transaction has happened and the car is flat-bedded away.

Somewhere in the future there will be another car project, but this chapter I think is over............... almost 8 years since it started some time ago.
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Old 05-05-2010, 10:26 AM   #12
if I lived . I would be ~
everlast's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: Ottawa
Posts: 5,847
Well Tom. Congrats on the sale and if your instinct says that its the right thing to do, then do it. If it says "back out", back out. Listen to that voice.
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Old 05-05-2010, 05:49 PM   #13
6th Gear Member
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Location: Hamilton
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Would I be out of line to suggest selling the wife instead??
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Old 05-05-2010, 06:07 PM   #14
Parts Hoarding Specialist
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Your 10 year old boy will be disappointed in 6 years Just like I was when my Dad sold his MGB and Beetle when I was still young.

Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post
Grow up and move on.
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Old 05-05-2010, 10:59 PM   #15
craz azn
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Kinda disappointed to read that you sold the M3 Tom

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