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Old 04-15-2008, 04:39 PM   #16
M. Learn it.
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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
What about if your car is slow on the straights (like mine) and fast in turns? Then the only fun place (turns) you get held up. ??
Originally Posted by Lee View Post
If the slower car in front wasn't aware of you presence in the straight and is blocking you off in the corner because he didn't point you by, then that's another reason to move it to beginner...

What he said

I had the same problem before, I had the line down pat, so my speed in the corners was just nutty, and a guy in a faster car in the straight was holding me up. He saw me there but didn't wanna let me pass cause he could hang with me in the straights. Then they divided the groups into beginner and advanced. Problem solved as that dude went to beginner, I went to advanced, and the group was smaller so I only had to contend with 2 vipers, a lambo, a Z06, and a Carrera S. Muuuch better


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Old 04-20-2008, 08:51 PM   #17
Bullet Ride
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Originally Posted by Lee View Post
And those who are sooooo slow in corners should go to Beginners group. There's no reason to be slow in an advanced group. Probably the result of unproper groups assignation. At the end, speed ends up being the same in corners for most cars, and the "need" to pass in corners simply disappears. If the slower car in front wasn't aware of you presence in the straight and is blocking you off in the corner because he didn't point you by, then that's another reason to move it to beginner...

Not necessarily true, just because your car is faster than someone elses doesn't mean that they are not an advanced driver. If they don't know how to corner yeah i agree, they should be in a lower group, but definetly in the advanced group the power and performance of cars can vary. This is assuming you group drivers based on track experience, not car performance.

Anyways, last year i went to a trackday at DDT and they had a pretty good set up to deal with driver skill and passing. They had beginner, intermediate, and advanced categories, and for each category a different track config to limit top speeds. Beginner category could only pass on the front straight, and the driver infront had to signal them thru by putting their hand out the window. The intermediate and advanced categories could pass anywhere on the track, but once again the driver ahead has to signal you thru first.
It's important to really lay down the rules at the drivers meeting because at these lapping days your not "racing" your out there to have a good time if someone thinks they're racing and won't signal or let anyone thru then the event organizers should deal with that accordingly. I will say however that if you are there with a friend(s) that you have driven with before, lapping in the same category there's no problem having some fun and chasing eachother around the track

For the begginner and intermediate grounps, by the end of the day once everyone was more familiar with the track and the people lapping in their group the event organizers changed the config of the track to allow for some more speed because DDT is a kart track, and on the begginner config i barely used 4th gear, it was all 2nd and 3rd, the fastest i could get going was like 140km/h. I left the trackday before they changed the configs but for sure on the fastest config (advanced) i probably would have been able to get up to 170km/h. Make sure you have good brake fluid for the advanced category because a couple guys boiled theirs because of the highspeed -> heavy braking.

Good luck with the event guys.

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