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REVIEW: HPF 750hp Turbo E46 M3 (long)

First off, I’d like to thank Fab (and Tina) for giving me the opportunity to drive Canada’s fastest, most powerful E46 M3. I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to drive many high powered, (modified and stock) cars throughout my many years of instructing for various driving schools & lapping days around the GTA. Some of which include Ferrari Challenge Cars, Vipers, Porsche Turbo’s, 550HP Mustang Cobras, Supercharged and Turbo BMW’s, 600cc (custom) go-karts, Z06 Vettes (including tlaselva’s 700HP beast) and dozens of 1000cc superbikes. To say I’ve had my fair share of speed would be an understatement… hell, I’d even consider myself “speed-spoiled” at this point… A 300HP car barely gets my blood pumping (probably not a good thing).

That said, after having several chances to drive SuperM3’s HPF-750hp M3 over the past few days, I’d like to share my experience with everyone since so many are asking me what it feels like. First things first… the car is currently running “only” 540HP because it’s on the low-boost setting (6psi) until we get a chance to fill the tank with 110octane leaded race fuel for the full 13psi, 750hp experience. Once that happens, and I get a chance to drive it, I’ll be sure to update this post.

540hp is nothing to yawn about… it’ll still send you to jail before you can finish reading this sentence, especially with our new law. The one thing that surprised me was the level of grip his Bridgestone S03 held under hard acceleration in 1st gear. I was convinced the car would be travelling sideways through the first 3 gears, especially with our current low-teens Celsius weather; which wasn’t the case. The rev limiter comes up quickly and a careful eye on the tach is required when going through the gears. Acceleration feels surprisingly smooth, especially when full boost comes on at a relatively low 3200rpm. It’s not a “wall” of power like some large-turbo, small-displacement cars have, rather a nice surge of steady acceleration all the way to redline. Delivery from 3500rpm to 7500rpm redline is extremely linear and the sound is simply intoxicating… the wooshing noise coming from the spent gasses travelling through the exhaust system, exiting the four 3” tail pipes almost sounds surreal from inside the cabin on hard highway pulls.

The car definitely pulls harder in it’s current 6psi configuration that it did with Fab’s old AA stage-II supercharger kit (also 530HP)… turbo cars always seem to make more power than a comparable belt-driven supercharged variation on the same motor (less parasitic loss with “free” spinning turbine vs. power-robbing, crank-powered blowers) especially at higher speeds when the large 24” wide, 4” thick intercooler starts to really shine and the possibility of any supercharger belt-slippage is non-existant. Acceleration forces pin you to the seat even in 4th and 5th gear as the speedo needle sweeps from 200k/h to 260km/h mark in literally seconds (driven only on the race track of course). The best way to describe the acceleration on the highway (err.. track) at 200km/h in 5th gear is comparing it to an E36 M3 in 3rd gear accelerating from 80km/h onwards , it’s THAT fast.

A lot of criticism with high HP tuner cars is drivability around town, to and from work, in traffic. A race clutch is most definitely required to handle power when it starts to become double what the OEM was designed for. HPF sure did their homework on this. Their “race” clutch feels quite simply, like stock. Even Tina didn’t notice a difference when driving the car for the first time with the new 750 kit. The AEM piggy-back fuel management system works wonderful and operates seamlessly with the factory DME. You would never know the car had a turbo kit if it wasn’t for the crazy power and loud (twin) HKS SSQ blow-off valves constantly “sneezing” when you let off the gas. The "service engine soon" light is on, and will stay that way since the AEM system by-passes many of the factory DME parameters and sensors.

Earlier today I was fortunate enough to put the M3 through its paces at the BMWCC-Trillium autoX. Initially I thought it was going to be disastrous, with all that power… a tight course and slight throttle lag when getting on the gas (essentially the opposite feeling the factory “sport” button gives you). I was completely wrong after the first run. The car handled great with the 275/30 ZR19 Bridgestone S03’s clawing for grip and the Bilstein PSS9’s soaking up the uneven asphalt. I usually drive extremely close to cones use the throttle to pitch the rear end around after the front tire narrowly misses it, which is why I was concerned about the lag… thinking it would cause a pause long enough for the car to not react, hence running over the cone with the rear tire… but (as the video will prove) the car had NO problem waging it’s tail whenever summoned. Needless to say, I managed 2nd fastest (raw) time of the day with the HPF car. On the last run, I jumped into Fab’s (other) 400hp RMS stageIII s/c E36 M3 and did a quick fun-run to compare the characteristics behind sharp throttle response of the supercharged car and slight lag of the Precision T67 turbo’d car. The E36 was almost too much and created a lot of counter effort spending more of my time correcting the chassis as it was just breaking traction any slight throttle input. Advantage: Turbo.

Until I get a chance to drive this beast in it’s 13psi, 750HP configuration… tlaselva’s amazing 700hp Caravaggio Z06 still takes top honors in the (pardon my french) “HOLY ****” quotient. Especially considering it was a naturally aspirated 422ci motor turning drag radial tires and brute torque enough to stop the earth’s rotation. Rumor has it that tlaselva is twin turboing that bad-boy… Fab, stage2??

HPF kit includes:
-Plug-n-play AEM piggy-back engine management system
-Six Drop-in 750cc "high impedance" injectors (no fuel rail mods required)
-Auxiliary fuel pump w/filter that turns on at 3psi w/electronic connector
-Ceramic coated 2-Piece (CNC'd flange) exhaust manifold
-Precision T67 turbo w/.81 AR
-Tial 44mm V-band wastegate w/reroute
-Stainless steel downpipe
-Powdercoated Intake manifold designed for both dry and wet flow
-Intake manifold couplers w/clamps
-Twin HKS blow off valves
-Polished or Anodized (4" x 24" core) bar & plate intercooler
-Powdercoated aluminum intercooler piping
-Powdercoated aluminum intake piping
-4 ply silicon couplers
-T-bolt intercooler clamps
-K&N intake filter with clamp
-Steering column mounted dual pod
-AEM UEGO wide-band gauge
-AEM boost gauge
-Race fuel switch w/LED
Knock siren
-Six Denso Iridium Spark plugs
-Harnesses for fuel pump and oil pump assemblies
-Harnesses for gauges, race fuel switch, LED and knock siren
-Oil pump with mounting bracket and electronic connector
-One piece oil pump feed and return lines
-One piece turbo oil feed and one piece head to pan oil line
-Multiple vacuum lines w/quick disconnects
-AEM 3.5bar map sensor
-Boost control solenoid
-Intake air temp sensor
-Engine bay brackets
-Gaskets, bolts, studs, nuts, washers
-Fittings and block-off plates
-HPF M3 Ceramic clutch.


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