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Originally Posted by ericdalinda View Post
what exactly were your intentions?

you pretty much gave clues to the maxbimmer members on to which mechanic it is. You also repeatedly mentioned his incompetence He asked, “How hard are you braking?” I answered, “I don’t know, normal braking. Hard when I need to, and not too hard when I don’t need to.” And do you know what he said? He said, “It’s normal for all cars to shut down under heavy braking”!!! O_o Can you imagine a major car company designing a car that shuts down under heavy braking? How can such a design idea even pass safety regulations? Oh, I am on the highway and I am trying to avoid an accident by braking and steering way, but you know the engine shuts down—by design!

Which faith allows you to walk across the path of righteousness and blasphemy?.. having intentions which arnt well willed but yet, reassure your self that your intentions are. Re-think the way you think about religion and free your mind...

ask your pastor, Imam, father etc. about this situation and what your doing is not right.
Sorry, but I don't understand your argument. You quotes a paragraph about his wrong opinion (that it's normal for all cars to shut down under hard braking), yet you are using that paragraph as a religion re-thinking? Anyway, I tried my best to hide the mechanic’s identity: I got a different username, I did not specify my car’s model, or his shop’s location, etc. But I can’t stop people from making a correlation between posts. They also definitely have the right to know if they work that hard to find out who it is, because no car owner wants to spend $700 for nothing. You know, $700 is a lot of money—it could mean a set of really good tires that will last at least 3 years!

Do you want to know the funnier part of that conversation? When he said that it's normal for all cars to shut down under hard braking (I guess because he didn't want to bother find the problem, or doesn't know how cars work) I asked him, "Really?" And he said, "Well, sometimes manual cars do." But my car is automatic so I don't understand how his point was relevant to my car's shutting down problem.

Anyway, let's put our personal beliefs aside and think about it logically.

Suppose that you are a judge at a civil court and the case is as follows:

Customer A took his car to Mechanic B because of Problem X and Problem Y. Mechanic B suggested that the solutions to Problem X and Problem Y are X and Y. Customer A, trusting that Mechanic B is a competent professional, went ahead with repairs X and Y. Repairs X and Y did not solve Problem X nor Problem Y. And now Customer A is suing because Repairs X and Y cost him around $700, time wasted at the mechanic, and time spent worrying.

As a fair judge who practices common sense and have knowledge of the law, you will have to rule in favour of Customer A for the financial and emotional he suffered by the misjudgments of Mechanic B.

See, it's not that difficult of an issue to analyze regardless of my faith. For all you know, I could be an atheist, and the law would still be on my side. I don’t know, but you could know that mechanic personally; and I admit he is a very friendly man. But I am asking you to look at this issue objectively as business dealing. This is not an issue of "What's the faith of the customer? And what's the faith of the mechanic?" This is an issue of so many car owners getting screwed over by incompetent mechanics. And I really hope other mechanics on this forum read this posting, so maybe they will try to be more honest and competent in their dealings with customers.

Also, would you still be defending the mechanic if a customer got in a bad accident because while she was trying to make a left turn her car won’t go or shut down completely? All the while she believed it was the fuel she was using because of the wrong advice of the mechanic, and not a vacuum leak as it was discovered by another mechanic?

Would you still be defending the mechanic if you were the one who spent $700 for nothing?

It’s easy to blame the victim, but the fact of the matter is that he is at wrong in this case no matter how you try to rationalize it. And even if I decide to tell who it is then I would still not be doing anything wrong because it is my right to review his work honestly and warn others.

And I really hope that mechanic would read this posting and evaluate his skills. And it's my hope that I hear in a couple of years that he is one of the best independent mechanics in the GTA. But this can only happen if he is willing to look at this bad experience of misdiagnosing my car's problems, evaluate what he is doing wrong, and try to improve his approach to identifying car problems and expanding his knowledge of cars in general and BMWs specifically.

Everyone wants to be his own boss. I am into photography and I have a pro camera, and pro lenses and flash, but when a family member asked me to photograph her wedding I refused. Because even though I’ve been practicing photography as a hobby for 6 years, I know that I am nowhere on the level of pros to be qualified to photograph weddings. Everyone wants to have his own business, but knowledge and experience must come first. He simply lacks this knowledge and experience; it is not something to be ashamed of, but it should also prevent him from calling himself a professional mechanic until he gains this knowledge.
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