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Old 01-10-2011, 11:35 AM   #1
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Overdue feedback for my experience with Bimmersport Automotive

This is a bit long overdue but I feel as the whole community should know about how Bimmersport deals with loyal customers and how they conduct business. Please keep this thread clean and don’t turn it into a bashing contest as I don’t want this post to mysteriously go missing as well.

When I first joined Max back in 2006 I was looking for a reliable and trustful mechanic that can take on the projects and upgrades that I had always had planned for my car. After researching the forum and attending their BBQ, I chose Bimmersport. For the first year everything was great, I was treated like family and had no issues with the shop (look up posted feedback). After a year had passed I decided to go with a S54 swap which Bimmersport said NP and that they can tackle with ease. After sourcing the parts for me, we began the swap which took a good 5 months because for half of the time my car was just sitting there collecting dust. Once the swap finally started I kept getting calls from Charlie saying you need to order this part, you are missing this part and such (he even tried to convince me that I need a brand new clutch since they didn’t have the alignment tool to use on the clutch which was bolted up to my engine). I always had trusted Charlie like my own family member so with a blind eye I would say yes to any suggestion that he would have without researching what is being presented to me. Fast forward to the day that I am picking up the car, the car looks great and drives fine, the only thing that was there was a CEL from a “fuel leak” which they said bring it back and we will fix.

So I said ok and asked for the bill – The bill was $6,890 MINUS the $8,000 which I had just spent for parts. So I ask Charlie and he says well we had to order a lot of small parts here and there and that also the labor was a lot since this swap was very complicated and that it took him 4 months (not true since I would stop by and see that nothing has even been touched on the car). Aside from bringing the car back to fix the CEL which I spent around $500 on a DTML pump and a gas cap which it STILL didn’t fix my CEL, I decided to go to a few shops and have them look over the whole car as I was very frustrated. After going to 3 high end mechanics, they said that my car is pretty much falling apart and here is what’s wrong:

Oil cooler being held on by tie straps – nothing was fabricated to secure the S54 oil cooler – no brackets or anything
Exhaust – 3 different exhaust pipes were used from different material (they had used a part of my rouge engineering pipe, a part of my old Remus pipe, another custom exhaust pipe and they used all of this when I had provided them with a brand new full header back exhaust form rouge engineering
Shock mounts – rear shock mounts cracked and being held on by the shock it self
Diff – the LSD has failed and needs replacement due to oil starvation possibly by the installer not having filled it up properly
Wiring – engine bay looks like a mess and also wiring has not been cleaned up
Detail – nothing had been cleaned up, the engine was still dirty as it was cleaned before it was swapped in – the underbody trays missing thus leaving the engine naked to any dirt and road debris
CEL - Fuel leak detected

To make things better, the oil cooler had broke off without me knowing when I was driving the car to be stored after the first snow storm which we had last year and noticed that my red oil light is on, quickly I pulled over and checked the bottom of the car and what do you know, the pipe which goes to the oil cooler was hanging off as I must of hit some LIGHT snow on the drive to the storage. After spending so much money performing this swap, I had called Bimmersport back and told them the diff has failed and all problems that the car has – to their convenience they said we are fully booked up and to bring the car back next year (this is in December, 2009). After Charlie saw that I had taken the car to a competitor, he quickly called me and started blaming the problem on his employees and how they sourced the parts and they carried out the swap. For a shop OWNER, he sure doesn’t take a lot of responsibilities. I said forget it and took my car and business to a different shop so I don’t have to deal with Charlie, his excuses and child play.

After all of this, I arrange to pick up my old swapped parts from my 325 and the service manager tells me that the parts are in the back of the shop due to OWNERS request and that I cannot come into the shop to pick them up – he said that I should pick them up from the back of the shop in their PARTS car which is accessible to anyone passing by. I show up to the shop very calm and collective and enter the shop with respect…say hi to Jonny and wait for him to finish with customers so I can ask for my parts…after a few minutes Charlie tells me to get out of his shop very rudely (I had even said hi nicely to him) and that my parts are outside. I go around the shop and everything is just laying on the floor as if it’s nothing – well thanks a lot Charlie, I guess spending $20K+ wasn’t enough and you had to leave my own parts outside for me to pick up. Great mutual respect you have for your loyal customers that were always behind you and recommended in excess of $10K worth of jobs to your shop.

None of this phased me as much as what happened last week. Fast forward to today which I just found out my engine needs a new head DUE to the oil cooler failing last year and the motor being starved for oil – if they had properly fabricated me brackets for the oil cooler (very minimal job and not costly at all), this would of never happened and I would have not been in a position to need a new head and being even more $ out of my pocket.

Moral of the story is, do NOT trust Bimmersport Automotive and Charlie – The shop is very unethical and does not care about the customers satisfaction. If you care about your car/hobby and investment, take it to a professional shop and don't waste your time/money.

-Kevin Nekouzad

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