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Why people test their luck with animals this size is beyond me. I've seen grizzlies and polar bears in person, neither of which I would ever want to encounter again without high caliber automatic weapons.
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I used to work at the ontario camp of the deaf in Parry Sound when I was 15-18 every summer as a maintenance guy. ONe of the best times I had. One of my jobs was to take the trash out every night from all the buildings and cabins to the dumpster about 1km away from the camp into a VERY secluded area to 2 dumpsters with chains around the doors in sometimes almost pitch black darkness by myself. Sometimes only on an atv and trailer, other times in a truck. There would always be raccoons and other critters but every so often you would catch a glimpse of a black bear and her cubs climbing out of the dumpsters. Around the dumpsters was the remnants of the previous days garbage strewn about making it look like a mini landfill. Used diapers, cans of grease, plastic bags hanging from the nearby trees....disgusting. CHains didn't matter for the bears. ONe time me and a buddy watched a mother bear and her cubs climb on top, stick her paw into the crack of the doors and pull up one of the doors that was latched with a chain, you could hear the steel door creaking under the sheer power of that ****ing animal bending it like it was ****ing tin.
Anyways the only protection I had was noise, I would get a few hundred feet away and rev the engine of whatever I was driving in hopes of scaring away anything that would still be in the dumpsters. The worst part was stopping and unlatching the chains with it being DEAD quiet other than the truck or atv engine running in pitch black and the only light shining on the dumpsters themselves from the headlights. FREAKY.

But my main story i was getting to is one evening (still light outside) a bunch of us were going to leave (6 or 7 people) after I was done my garbage run, so they followed me in their truck down to the dumpsters. They are parked about 50 feet away chillin out while I do my thing. I unlatch the chain, pull open the door and see something at the top of the dumpster, I'm 5'7" so I have to stand on my toes to look inside.........
So I do. And I'm faced with a 400lb black bear 4 inches away from my ****ing face.
instant goosebumps and I'm freaking on the inside. What do I do? I walk, not run, to the other truck where my buddies are chilling (they don't know what's going on yet) They ask what am I doing as I'm walking towards them and I reply calmly "there's a huge bear in there" They kinda chuckle cause I'm a jokester so they don't believe me. As I jump in the pass side and close the door and look back they do too.
Doosh Doosh! 2 huge ****in paws grab on to the side of the dumpster and my buddies start FREAKIN! haha they're running back to the truck scrambling to get inside. One of them jumps through the little window from the bed to the cab with his feet sticking out! BUt it just ran away.
The main thing is I never want to do that job again without some kind of firepower.

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Some people have serious track experience from the cruise, so what is fast to you, isn't fast to them.
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