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Wintering with an M3 experiences


I'm a new member as the number of posts indicate...

A little about me first.. I have owned an e46 330i in the past for about 5 years and sold it. I now have an e90 330i that is leased. Both were equiped with sport package, however, I've only been to the track with the e46. Anyway, I guess I would say that I'm fairly familiar with the 3 series after all these years. I'm a little ahead of my time in doing this, but with all the nice cars around in the spring, I've been thinking about what to do when my lease is up ( in the winter ). I could either buy out my lease, buy a used e46 M3 or get a new/slightly used ( low km ) e90.

Down to my question.. How is the e46 M3 in the winter - with dedicated winter tires? Of course I had dedicated snows for both of my cars in the winter and I only had problems in deeper snow or on hills. If there's snow build up at a parking spot I'd always be at risk of having the car "sit" on the snow and get stuck. The M3 must be lower, and the tires would probably be wider, then I imagine it would be a bit worse. Or is the general consensus "Don't get an M3 if you need an all year round car - that's not its purpose"? Note that I do go skiing in Ontario/Vermont/Quebec so getting through winter is definitely a concern to me.

What are your thoughts?


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