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Originally Posted by BlitzSix View Post
I don't know what condition your Altima is in, why are you saying it's gonna die soon if it's a 2000 ? It's not like it's 30 years old burning oil and falling apart? No matter how your slice it the best financial choice to just drive that. It's near the bottom of the depreciation curve, and shouldn't cost too much upkeep. If you buy a newer car you'll be eating depreciation on it..

But anyways, I would suggest a Civic. Biased maybe but regardless of the car, the first few years depreciate the most, I wouldn't buy a new car unless it was a sports car and I was worried it would be beat on or something, or I just had a ****load of money and didn't care. . A 3-4 year old Civic is still SUPER reliable, just as it rolled off the factory pretty much...

Once you realize that, it's a pretty easy decision compared to a new Kia or something, because:

1) The Civic will depreicate less
2) It will be more reliable or just as reliable than a Kia
3) It's a much nicer car than a Kia..

I dunno it's a pretty simple decision for me anyways.

PS. If the car is 3-4 years old it most like is still on warranty.

PSS. 4 year old Civic > new Accent ANY DAY.

I can agree with you some what, but i think your opinion is a little bit biased.

look at it this way,

your right on all your above points. but a 3-4 year old honda civic are around 13,000-15,000.
brand new hyundai accent start at 9,999, now im not going to say that hyundai is more reliable but its close to being the same in reliability.

you get the warranty and a car that is fresh from the factory.

most of the 3-4 year old civics for 13,000 there warranty is up in a year or 2 of driving.

civic is a very good car and well worth the money, but if i were you id get the hyundai.
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