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New or Used??

Wife's drivin' an X3. Someday my current ride (2000 Altima) will die. I'll need a cheap highway beater for couple years until other investments get sorted out (real estate rich, cash poor). The original plan was a CPO 325/328 but that just does not make sense until we get at least one mortage paid off. Once that happens, my kids get whatever I buy and I get my next Bimmer.

I'm figuring in the $10,000 I get a brand new Kia Rio or do I look at a 3 or 4 yr old Civic/Corolla or go even older and look at Accords/Camry's...or is there another way to cheaply do 180 hwy kms/per day. Don't say GO Transit..."he who rides, rides alone...ha ha" and I don't think I can buy a GM/Ford/Chrysler in good conscience.

What's the collective wisdom?
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