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Originally Posted by WestieWill View Post
thanks man, everyone is entitled to there own opinon anyways.. i actually put my car in its first show about a month ago (motion custom car show) and i actually won 1st place for audio install and 2nd runner up for euro custom class.. not so bad for my first show...
Nice man. My m3 just had a redo this summer with ferrari paint full carbon fiber interior. Wide body with 10" inch wide rims in the back and lots of engine work. My audio is also being customized heavily with a full focal system including custom wraped carbon fiber foot-kick panel speaker enclosures, and a fully done custom carbon fiber trunk with custom sub enclosures including focal and audison amps......I took a different approach from you as my car is an e36 and theres no chrome haha but I will definately see you at shows this summer

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Originally Posted by junaid
"i saw your car there when i was there a few weeks ago, looks absolutely stunning man. I think i popped a ****ing boner, that paint looks sick
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