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Originally Posted by BMW BMXer View Post
I do not get why people consistently get there panties in a knot over what e30 m3s go for.
Because as a sum of its parts, the car itself is really quite crappy. But as was said earlier, something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, period. A Picasso is just some old paint and canvas, a Stradivarius is just a small pile of wood with some metal strings. For the price of a clean low mileage M3 you can get any one of a number of brand new compact sedans (like the civic si, vw gti etc or a used s2000) which will run circles around the M3, in a straight line and even more so on a road course. But you can also get a beautiful poster for 5 bucks or a perfectly good used cello for 500. I'll never understand it but some things aren't for you to understand.
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