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YEs, there's something madly wrong with that ad. I luv the bit about the redline. Oh yeah.

you'd be an idiot to pay 15,000 -20,000 for that car, you can get a rolling shell for a 2grand i wouldn't pay more than 10K for a 18 year old M3 I dont know why people think they are gold, maybe when there is 1000 left in the world they'd be worth that much
I luv it when people say stupid azz shit like this. You really have no clue and are just pulling crap outta your azz to try and come off sounding like you know something about the market. Well, let me bring you up to speed. You know nothing about the value of E30 M3's if you make such an idiotic statement. And your personal opinion of the value has really no bearing in the real world. So next time you feel it's necessary to make a comment, ask yourself this........ do I really know what the fuk I'm talking about or am I just acting like a dumbazz to waste bandwidth on the MAX ??????

And it's fine if it's your own personal opinion as that's what the internet and forums are for........ but a rolling shell is not a solid car that's on the road and worthy............ especially when it comes to M3's. Put one together ......... and then come report back how you spent only $10K. Not possible unless it's a total piece of unsorted shit. Ask me how I know...................

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