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you'd be an idiot to pay 15,000 -20,000 for that car, you can get a rolling shell for a 2grand i wouldn't pay more than 10K for a 18 year old M3 I dont know why people think they are gold, maybe when there is 1000 left in the world they'd be worth that much my dad's 1970 MACH1 is a special order and very few were made with this colour combination and motor set-up and he only piad 4500 for it and thats with the car full of parts 2 sets of craigers, 4 bucket seats 2 back seats 2 dash boards a fiber glass hood and a steel hood, fiber glass doors new full quaters new fenders.... the parts we got you couldn't get for 4500 bucks... you never know the situation that the seller is in, but I wouldn't buy a car with out taking a look over it first try and contact the seller and see where he's located and talk to him
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