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Originally Posted by Tom View Post
Lol exactly what Fabio is true, I can see when your comparing cars with a buddy try to keep it even with same psi/same fuel ect... But when your a random dude saying hpf cars are all dyno queens and want to run me, why would I dummy my car down for you for a "fair" race. My car will punish your car so hard that you will wish you never said hpf sucks. Again if you want to race with all you got, ill bring all I got too.

P.s. the station is Guelph closed down but there's a UPI in Ottawa that I got 6 drums from last year, also there's a guy registering a business for drum shipment to your door from the states, that should be up and running within the next month I am told.
Dude you talk like you're 15 years old and youre making hpf owners look bad. You know nothing about my car or what it's running. I built my own car, with my own hands, skills, time and knowledge. I didn't take it to a shop give them a bunch of money and tell them to call me when it's done.

A fair comparison would be for you to run George's ics twin turbo e36 m3 that puts down 1300rwhp+ on e85. That would be a fair comparison as its on the same fuel you're running. Or if I was on e85 I would gladly run you np, I just think it's pointless having a car you can't get fuel for.
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