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Originally Posted by slemmer View Post
A while back I noticed a bit of bubbling around the factory beading of the seam on my doors. As I grounded the beading down I was surprised to see corrosion on all the factory sealed seams yet no visible corrision. I eventually removed all the factory beading at the seams of the doors and had a local shop treat and redo them all. To this day so far so good.
^ That's a common problem for BMW's (E36, and E46's anyway). GM's even worse. After 3 years or so, you'll start seeing it.

OP is definitely a scammer.

There is no real Accredited "Electronics Eingineer" program. It's either Electrical Engineering or most likely a technology school... but not Engineering

These electronic rust boxes don't work. In theory, it' is great, but it doesn't really work.

Your best bet is some good rust proofing the day you pick up the car, and yearly or bi-yearly applications - or don't winter drive the car.
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