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Originally Posted by PROJECT_E36 View Post
I don't see a point about installing a engine, a cam to boost HP, and then lose HP through shit headers.

Also, this engine will not perform properly due to the drastic differences in the two headers.
Driver side header wraps around the steering shaft, there's no other way around it because of the physical location of it. Hence, both banks will never be equal length. A V8 was never designed to be in an E36 (or BMW would have done it). There are always compromises to deal with. The shop's fabricator was gone for a few days, someone had to step in and finish it off because of holiday deadlines. In the end, after a bit of grinding, the result ends up the same. Like BigD said, if you don't have anything nice to say.... STFU and don't ruin someone's build thread because you're "project" will get smoked if you ever pull up beside Danimal (anywhere - track or street) unequal header included.
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