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Originally Posted by MLue1 View Post
Don't kid yourself, indies will still survive.

The more I think about it if I had to pay $150/hr it wouldn't be too long before =
So your going to go buy a lift...good for you. So your basically putting up capital so you can save money. A mechanic is putting up capital to make money. Thats how it works. Now do I think $150 is high, yes I do. However, anyone that is in business is there to make money, not save you money. If it works out that both can happen, then great.

Here's an example:
You come in with your car to do some work. Labour rate says it takes 10 hours to do the prescibed work. I know I can do it in like half that because I've done it a million times. I charge you 6 hours plus parts. You come in and say you are going to bring your own parts because you can get them cheaper. That is fine by me, but since I;m not selling you parts, why should I give you a break on labour? Now I'm gonna charge you 10 hours. I hope you saved more than that on your parts.
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