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Originally Posted by arsevader View Post
Maybe I used the wrong wording, but it's not a regular throttle cable based system like on the M20. The cable doesn't actually pull on the throttle butterfly like a traditional throttle. The throttle is electronically controlled based on the input from the cable.
It doesn't matter how you word it.
The next time i do a job on an m52 motor the require me taking out the throttle body, ill take some pics/vid for you.

The throttle Butterfly on an M52E46 its not electronic controlled.
If you are wondering what connects to it, its the TPS which is built inside the actual throttle.

Any ways back to topic, the easiest way is to swap over all the electronic accessories/sensors (Most of it is the same) to the M54, keep the M54 Intake/Exhaust Manifold, Injectors and get the Throttle bored out to match the specs of an m54b30. u will also need a new exhaust system since that m54b30 exhaust will not bolt up to your current once. its a little bigger than the stock m52's

lastly, get a custom tuned ecu either from MarkD or AA.

If this seems challenging, you can always drop by our shop for us to swap it for you.
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