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I forgot to mention a very important fact which could indicate a more specific problem! The car was going through oil like nothing! I did an oil change, and after only 3 days of driving, I had to refill about 1.5 liters! That is when the noise started happening, even though I checked the oil level and it wasn't completely dry, it was a touch below the minimum.

I personally blamed this on the stupid aftermarket CCV that my mechanic replaced about a year ago without asking me if I want aftermarket or original! and since it had warranty I sadly went with it!

Could the above be an indication to why this may have happened?

Originally Posted by Bimmer Heaven View Post
First, get a second opinion from someone who is highly specialized on those cars. If they are still not sure, a used vanos is $100, and not much to install, well worth the gamble IMO. Worst case, a low 530i engine is $1500, and you are good for another 200K+...All comes down to how much you like the car.

PS, I don't have any E32's...(not that I am selling anyways!), the 750il is an E38
I will see if I can find someone in my area, Kitchener/Waterloo area, as for shelling out $1500 + ~$1000 labor (if not more), I don't think it is worth that much, I would rather start looking into buying an e39 M5 by next summer

Damn! I meant the E38!, hahaha

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1500 bucks haha okay. He said 530, not m3. m54 not s52.
Anyway, to the point. You didnt blip the revs or rev it, so if that knocking increases with higher revs, I would say VANOS. Other than that, if it is a bit of a more deeper mechanical sound from deep within the engine the sound would remind me of an s54 engine with rod bearing failure. That's real bad. Or it could be a lose sparkplug. My m52, similar engine, made a bad VANOS like sound with a loose sparkplug once. All three of these scenarios I can think of had faster knocking with faster revs. In my m52 I felt the loose gear clunking around in the VANOS valve cover area with my hand against it.

Step 1 Compression test? maybe that will tell you something
Don't trust "certified" mechanics

With higher revving, it does actually start ticking a little louder and faster, however, after running the car for a little while, the noise drops a bit and sometimes even goes away for a few seconds

I also used a "stethoscope" and put it against every bolt of the engine, and any tiny space I could reach the engine from, again very smooth humming from the engine all over the place but the Vanos area was again very loud!

As much as I would like to take the car to a specialist, I don't want to waste too much money on it anymore especially if it is a major problem, I would rather part it out!

I am basically trying to diagnose the problem in order to decide what I am going to do with the car, because I do not believe in what my mechanic told me, and if the problem is in fact a vanos problem, I am confident I should be able to tackle the problem myself, with a bit of research and help from forums here and there, especially that I have gone through the vanos maintenance procedure successfully before from, about 2 to 3 years ago and haven't had any problems since!

I will definitely do the compression test and see what numbers I get!
I did scan the car and got the same O2 Sensors that I had on for a few months, no new codes :/

Thank you guys for the replays!

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