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Worth fixing? E39 530

Hello everyone!

It seems like the end of my E39 530 is near! This really is a bummer!
Especially when I look at what cars are on the market!

I don't like most of the new stuff, and if I am interested in anything that remotely satisfies upgrading from the E39, it is either new and really expensive! like some Mercedes Benzs, Range Rovers, Perhaps even if I was to go crazy a Dodge Viper, But I need the room so at least a sedan!

Newer BMW don't do it for me, and finding a clean E39 (M5 preferably) or even an E32, is near damn impossible! (Yeah BimmerHeaven has a beautiful E32 - 750, however he wants a suitcase of money hahaha! )

Therefor I am looking for some help in figuring out what the best course of action is at this point, I am stuck between my mechanic telling me that the engine is going to go, and it is not worth fixing, and between my gut feeling that it might be a VANOS issue.. My mechanic is not a specialist but he is a decent mechanic non the less, I am going to start by posting a video and see what you guys think!

In the video it is not really that clear where the noise is coming from, but I am 200% sure the loud ticking noise is coming from the VANOS Area, I put my ear against the cover by the vanos, and my ear almost pop from the noise, put my head at the back where the rear end of the engine is, I just hear normal humming!

Could I be right? what do you guys think!? Here is the video:

Car has 260K
Been very well maintained by me since 152K over the 6 years that I owned it
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