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Originally Posted by Max_VQ View Post
Did you know the ASC does this for you even when turned off?
It applies the brake on the spinning wheel when the slippage is more than 12%. This redirects the torque to the other wheel.

In my 530, when driving in snow and accelerating, both tires always spin. I can tell by the bare pavement where the tires were, and the side to side sliding.

Does you car do the same?
I turned off DSC, but still found that if one wheel spins, the other one loses power as well. Maybe I'm biased since I know it's an open differential.

The reason why I'm asking an LSD is that I just throw a Cusco RS LSD into my R53 Mini Cooper S (it also have DSC, ASC, EBD, etc. etc.). The difference is phenomenal, turning it into a winter beater and enhanced launches, cornerings quite significantly.

Any electronic-based traction control is not even close to the effect of a mechanical LSD.
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