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Originally Posted by againstallodds View Post
hey guys, my brother has an m3 he just bought that has an active autowerk supercharger kit running 8- 10 psi. its running too fat/rich and the back bumper gets covered in shit. how do i know if this kit came with software, how do i check etc etc.

also, the car is leaking every colour possible lol oil, and very small amounts of anti freeze. any ideas on where these leaks r coming from? i replaced the oil pan gasket and the leak stopped and came back 2 weeks later, it could be it again. i just want to know from the experienced ppl here with boost on what is common etc. YOUR HELP WOULD BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED GUYS!!!!


How do you know if this kit came with software ??? Of coarse it came with software. Take out the DME take off the cover and you will see if there is an AA chip in it. What are your AFR reading thought out the RPM range. Theres no way to adivse you what to do until you give us numbers.

If your leaking coolant check to see where the coolant is coming from by popping the hood. Could be hoses, thermostat, waterpump.

Personally unless you know the person and there driving habits and how they maintain the car buying a forced induction car is a tricky game.

Hope this helps good luck
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