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Thanks for the info genius, if you read my original post I'm well aware of the rules...if the mods wanna delete it, I understand that's one of the reasons I didn't post pictures. I've seen plenty of threads on here selling video games, phones, basketball tickets, cologne, bedspreads etc etc etc. Nobody forced you to read my thread and the fact that you keep checking up on it considering that you're not interested is kinda pathetic. Mods, if you have to delete the thread I'll understand why. It really isn't that big of a deal for me...just thought some members could use some of this stuff before I spend time and money advertising elsewhere and/or throwing it out. As for such vigilant members like Detective M-Power of the For Sale Bureau it really shows that this board is becoming a meeting place for whining little kids who seem to have nothing better to do than act like smart asses over the internet. Buddy get a life.
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