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Nate's Cryo M50 Stroker Build

Hey guys,

I am currently in the process of putting an M50 stroker in my 1995 325is.

Got the car last summer. It was auto, black on black, with 173,000km. First thing to happen was an auto to manual swap. I put in some H and R springs and a couple parts that were left over from a previous 1992 325is that was scrapped.

A lot of people are saying / asking why didn't you do an M52 with upgrades. Simply, I just wanted to try something else. I am an automotive engineer with most of my schooling in design, but am currently working at Linamar in quality engineering. So just the idea of something that was more involved and hands on sold me, as I don't get a lot of that at work. I do all my own work, hence making this build a little more worth while.

I will be designing a custom exhaust for it as I have a friend that has the equipment to get it fully bent and created via my drawing as a one piece system. Essentially a piece of up to 9 foot tubing goes in, and your custom exhaust comes out.

I will be doing an almost full rebuild including head bolts, connecting rod bolts, all main and journal bearings, engine mounts, top and bottom end gasket kits, and a port and polish.

I purchased an M54 short block and cam and will be using my existing block. I hope to have this running by the middle of march.

After it is in I will be putting in HSD coilovers, and an E46 M3 6 speed. I will drive the car until mid summer, where the engine will be pulled again and be cryogenically treated. It will be dynoed immediately prior to treatment and then again after to see the gains and improvements. It will also be monitored to see if it runs a little cooler.

After the treatment is done it will see boost and the cryogenics will be put to the test.

Sorry for the long story, onto some pics.

The block the day I got it.

Just before I started

Front end removed

The 330 cam

I will update as I progress.

Comments, concerns, and questions welcome. Let me know what you think!
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