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Originally Posted by Shuller1458
If statistically, poor black population makes more crime then poor or rich population of white people or middle east. That's got to tell you something, that not only poverty is influencing (sp) crime, but additionally social surounding (sertain ethnical community) and cultural belongings.
I'll assume the stats are true. What % of the 'black' population is responsible for the crime coming from this region? 100% of the population? Because unless it is 100%, i.e. every black person living in the Jane & Finch area is a criminal, then you can not make the statement you made, that cultural belongningness is a predictor for crime. That is absolutely absurd. It's a conclusion you drew all on your own. The stats you quoted do NOT offer this explanation or any explanation for that matter. They present figures (numbers) that may be interesting, but they by no means provide proof or indicate cause of any phenomenon.
You simply took figures and interpreted them according to your own stereotypes. I could take the same figures and give an opposite explanation:

Consider this alternative explanation: Due to the ever present racism in this society, black people are more frequently policed, arrested and persued. Additionally crimes comitted by blacks are far more reported by the media. Due to such racism and sterotypes, blacks, despite proper qualifications are less frequently offered employment and other opportunities, which increases poverty and crime in their population, as it would with any population if they were treated the same way.

Please take caution when you interpret raw statistics. I am not black, but even I was slightly offended by your post. I can only imagine how furious a black person would be after reading this.

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