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Originally Posted by ThE bRoWn GuY
Now your last statement is the epitomy of a generalization. You are going to tell me that when 12-14 white kids get together there is no chance that they may bully and show off? This is solely the genetic disposition of black people? I don't know if your experiences with black people are mainly through movies and music videos, but I have yet to view any of the things you proclaim... The reason your chances to find a person who is 'LIKE' you among black people is slim, is due to your views. If you voice these generalizations, no black person would be receptive to anything you state, and will most likely be confrontive with you. Another reason would be due to the prejudice you enter the conversation with, you close your mind before even communicating. I wouldn't necessarily say that you have racist views, but ignorant generalizations.

Not trying to assume anything, but have you grown up with your black friends? If so then the reason you feel they are like you is because you knew them before your prejudice set in. If not, then its solely because you subsided your prejudice to see the true person, and not your assumption. If you only do this with each person you meet regardless of colour, you will realize we are not that different.

I compleatly agree with you. But you have a small flaw. you saying:
"the prejudice you enter the conversation with, you close your mind before even communicating. "
My words:
"I have no problem with SKIN colour, I have confrontations with WAYS OF LIVING and HUMAN INTERACTIONS."
What I ment was that I try to AVOID an interaction or first conversation with a person I think might me not "like" me. But if I actually talk to him/her I will defenatly NOT prejudge him, but rather evaluate while we speak.

Think about it: you have two feilds of potatos. On one field the probability to find potato is small (one potatoin 10 minutes) another feild is full of the (one potato in every 30 seconds). Where will you go gather potatoes?Exactly.

The end result is the same, you have potatoes, but the time and energy applied to find these potatoes, is different.

I do not PATHETICALLY restric myself from intaraction with othjer races (****ed up racists), but rather "step away" from intaraction.

Tha's why I like forums and internet, there are no racial or social "coeficient" in conversation, which can influence the outcome of the conversation. ONLY your true logic and who you are present in the internet. (if you are lieer it is different story)

I do not care is a "person" is litterally a white lab mouse with internet access.
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