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Originally Posted by e36chick
1. Learn to spell, or use spellcheck.

2. Political correctness isnt about legality, so i'm not sure where you get the idea it's "illegal" to tell someone you dont like them.

3. When you (above) turn down a banana, you say you dont like the taste. Do you actually have any basis on not "preferring" the black race, or are you just categorizing?
1. ok, I will try to be better.

2. Really? I don't think so, I have been through school so I know what words "negro" and "hey you look sexy today in that very short dress" can do to you. Police been involved once.

3. Sure I do. I don't like the whole idea the way black people treach each other, it looks to me very immature, like 12-14 kids bulling and showing off. It's is like the only way to express themselves and get respect. I have some black freinds. It is all about probability. Chances to find a person who is LIKE me among black people is very very small, where as among white folks it is quite likely. I have no problem with SKIN colour, I have confrontations with WAYS OF LIVING and HUMAN INTERACTIONS.
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