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Originally Posted by Shuller1458
People choose their soical grops by CHOICE not forced by government. So if I like social group but don't like another (for example black people), why is it soppose to be illigal to tell someone that you don't like them because just WHO they trully are. Black, white, desabled, gey...

You don't like bananna, you say "no thanks, I don't like the taste and I feel sick sometimes"

I don't like black calture, so that is what I say. But I do not participate and touch them.

That is not racism, that is preferance of your surroundings. That's how the whole earth works, and we have to change it? no way.
1. Learn to spell, or use spellcheck.

2. Political correctness isnt about legality, so i'm not sure where you get the idea it's "illegal" to tell someone you dont like them.

3. When you (above) turn down a banana, you say you dont like the taste. Do you actually have any basis on not "preferring" the black race, or are you just categorizing?
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