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Originally Posted by King Luis View Post
by law in canada, you need to have day time running lights. certain states have it also i believe and other states require you to turn on your lights if its cloudy or rainy.

it is a safety reason to have them.

i had to send my angel eyes (they burned) so i've been out of drl for a couple months now. haven't been hassled at all.
Just to clarify...

Importers like the car manufacturers (or private if you're importing a car from the States) need to have the DRL's as per Transport Canada.

Once the vehicle is registered to an owner, then it falls under a different jurisdiction. So, if the vehicle is registered in Ontario, then Ontario rules take effect.
The Ontario HTA does NOT require DRL's.
I don't have the time to spell out for you chapter-and-verse of the HTA that speaks about "Equipment", but it is there where it speaks about lamps, and there is absolutely nothing that says you must have the DRL's.
Neither does the HTA reference Trasport Canada regulations.

Not sure about other provinces, though.
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