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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
I haven't been following this too closely. I've read a few articles here and there.

The one that I remember reading was that the father and I believe son, had admitted guilt and said they did this honour killing becuase of their daughters indecencies.

Then I read an article in which they took back what they had said, that they never committed the crime, however the father still stuck by his beliefs and thought what had happened was a good thing.

Then I had read that the Father was in possession of pictures of one of the daughters that had died and the other wife that had also died. The pictures were "indecent" e.g. like "sexy" posses sort of thing.

Now, Im reading this article that says it was the son that had an accident with them and tried to cover it up.

Anyway, really confusing story....


its clear what the defence is trying to do though. E.g. the girl driving was inexperienced. When she got rear ended its very probable that she lost control/got frightened and hit gas instead of the brake.

what doesn't make sense is that all 4 of them drowned. i dont understand how that is even possible.. didn't they do an autopsy to find out cause of death?
You're confusing it with another case where it was a Honor killing where the father and son strangled the daughter to death cause she didn't want to wear a hijab or conform to the "rules" the father was imposing. I don't know when that's going to trial but that was a "honor killing" bs story also.
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