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Originally posted by M50E30
Where the hell were all you LADIES tonight???
My $0.02,
Yeah ... wut happened to the rest?

It was perfect weather, thought it was gonna rain for sure when we got there, but it cleared out. Good to see GladdoM3 and GimpZ3(w/ civic though) later on in the evening though

BTW>Dave, 328DTM and 328POWER were not there at KK.

It was funny getting smoked by a couple CRXs .

1 15.62 vs crx 14.96
2 17.78 vs mp328 15.49 damn traction
3 15.51 vs firebird 16.74 i dunno
4 15.68 vs crx 14.95 damn these little suckers
5 15.55 vs camaro 14.55 this one sounded wicked

I was consistent ... in driving like a gramma!

I couldn't launch the car, the one where I raced MP328, I dropped the clutch at 2500rpm, and my tires just kept spinning. I found a happy medium later on around 1500rpm, but I was still disappointed because the car was running well.

I had a blast guys.
We'll definitely have to go again.

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