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I donno about "piece of crap" it's the kind of car that people run up to at the gas station and talk to you about your car (it frequents these places very often). Hot girls to you and guys give you the . not exactly a POS but he doesn't let me drive it so hey who cares! It's a Classic from the days when he grew up, when cops wern't around, the streets were for racing at night and every car had a V8. I give respect to the classic cars.. no respect for the 80's mustang gino cars and the rice rockets with slicks on the front. but that's just my opinion!

I'm with you I like the twisty roads too. but "straight line acceleration is stupid" i donno about that? most roads are strait and nothing feels better then being pushed into the seat by 500+ hp.

PS. i'll run your 535 at mosport

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