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Originally Posted by everlast View Post
E90 ftw. Nothing like the E39 torque, but I love my E90 more and more. I don't even pay for maintenance let alone repairs. I leased it, and will likely lease again. After 10 years of leasing I will be no further back $-wise from buying a new car and running it for 10 years, but I will have a new car every 3.3 years.
Keep in mind though, that if you bought, you'd have an asset at the end of the ten years. One that you could pawn off on some poor sucker like me

I tried an E90, and liked it, don't get me wrong, but not without a warranty. CPO would be an option. But I have ergonomic issues with the E90 (wiper stalk in direct line with the turn signal, so that when I want to turn right, the wipers come on, and WTF is up with no dipstick?), as well as reliability concerns (oil drainback into the head, leading to a bleeding procedure, or possibly head replacement). That said, the handling is dreamy, and I like how it looks.

E46 is a possible, with some repairs/mods up front to help with reliability/known issues.

I think that I need to get out an start looking/driving, and turn things over in my head less. Whatever it is ends up being, I like my cars interesting, so perhaps I am doomed to some being a little too interesting from time to time.
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