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Questions regarding E36 M3 tire wear

Hello everyone,

I am not an E36 M3 owner as yet but I am doing my research to understand the pros and cons of M3 ownership. I have been researching this topic for days. What I could gather is that rear tires wear is a common problem with the E36 M3's and, mostly, attributed to bad RTAB's and/or misalignment. The alarming fact is that these expensive tires do not last for more than 10,000-20,000 kms as a result. I hope that someone could give me some logical/scientific answer to my questions:

1. Is there a design flaw with the E36 M3 rear suspension that cannot be rectified?

2. Assuming that the RTAB's are replaced, proper alignment is done and with normal to occasional spirited driving, could these tires last a lot longer? if so, please share the type of tire and the kms you were able to obtain.

Thank you all.

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