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Damn that site(cardomain) is like 2 yrs old. I really need to get rid of it or update it. Thanks for the nice comments. I searched 8 months for a Biarritz Blue. I would have preferred a black interior but that would have been asking too much.

Usually once you disconnect the negative lead, if you turn on the headlights it should be enough to drain whatever is left in the system. A good 15 minutes is fine as well. I would say a good week until the adaptations are fully cycled. Every clear stretch of road, gun it!

My pixels come and go, more are going then coming back, but at least its consistent. Share the site for fixing this problem. I have no problems taking apart VDO clusters, I used to do that 10 years ago when I was manufacturing colored guages for VW's.

CDV? If you are a seasoned manual driver, trust me you want to remove it. It has no affect on the pressure of the clutch. All it does is moderate the rate of which the clutch engages. The only ill affect it has if you keep it on is show passengers that you can't drive a stick. The M5 doesn't have one. Proper bleeding of the system is required.

For steering feedback, yes there is a difference compared to your 530. The 540 uses a recirculating ball system, where the 528/530 is rack & pinion. It doesn't have an impact on actual ride quality and road holding, the 540 actually has higher trap speeds through slaloms. The only improvement is in steering feedback. Alot of people misinterpret this as a better suspension. Again the M5 has recirculating ball though because its the pinacle of driving machines it also has a servotronic system coupled with it. For suspension upgrades go for the Eibach sway bar kit. It offers the same diameter front bar as any other aftermarket maker but has the largest rear bar at 18mm. Dinan is 17mm and the M5 is 16.5mm. The 540 has a 15mm rear bar. A good strut/spring set will also help the ride become more sporty. I'm opting for the H&R/Bilstein Sport when the funds become available. Don't forget to check the front thrust arm bushings and rear ball joints. These usually go and can cause unwanted shimmying.

The CPS will undoubtedly light up the check engine light when it goes.

How about some pics of yours?
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