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Guys, sorry for a long delay with the reply to this post... The rad was replaced early January just for $100 thanks to the dealer where I had bought the car. The elbow connecting to the expansion snake hose was all broken inside, and it virtually crushed in my fingers when I pulled it out. I tried to put it back in(or what left of it) and used some epoxy but it didn't last long, obviously, because of the pressure in the cooling system. I guess other plastic parts of the radiator were becoming fragile. Like someone said these plastic radiators need to be swapped regularly just like Wal-Mart bulbs Finally, I took a car to the dealer to show the failing rad. They saw the leak from the elbow and suggested I replace the whole thing to be on the safe side. I should've also replaced the expansion tank though it still looks ok. The coolant level dipstick broke last night when I checked the level after adding Red Line Water Wetter to it. It's plasticky and the lower part which contacted with the coolant all the time became very soft eventually. I can live without it for now, but should definitely change the expansion tank.

The dealer who replaced my thermostat is in Ottawa - "Otto's BMW" on Hunt Club Rd. I'm not 100% sure if it really needed replacement, but when they said that the diagnostics told them that the thermostat sensor didn't respond, I bought it and said: "go for it...".

For 540i owners - how do you folks like this car overall? I've had 530iA w/Sports package 2001(lease) until recently and find the 530iA to be way peppier and quicker than my 540i '97 with standard. The 540i feels heavier and not as quick in acceleration-response, it drives more like a caddy, than a bimmer. Is it common or there's something wrong with my car, should I check the powertrain/engine? Would like to hear opinions of others. Thanks!
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