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Originally Posted by bmdbley'sBro View Post

is it that far of a reach? you overpopulate jails & you get ramped up disease infection..

and why did you glance over: 'the massive cost of a larger prison population'
that will cost money - something like $50,000+ per year, per 'guest'.
thats ****ing real, no?

or how about
"Even conservative jurists like former U.S. Supreme Court Chief
Justice William Rehnquist have said that mandatory sentences make good
politics, but result in bad policy. Clearly, Americanizing Canada's drug laws
is not the answer."

This guy would have some 'insight' and experience on the matter, no?
Yes, it IS that far of a reach.

Just because they have a higher risk of infection in jail, doesn't mean we should go lenient on them.
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