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Originally Posted by ///M-TRD3 View Post
^ Hey, are you staying in the Stachus area? near Marineplatz? The background of your pictures looks familiar.

Were the headsets working to listen to the engines when you were at the Museum? when I was there last week they were all having tech. issues except for the set for the M1 engine. But in the other 2 times I've been there I've been able to listen to them all.

Munich is awesome for cars, old and new. If you get a chance before leaving, go to Garching bei M√ľnchen, it's about 15 minutes from where you are and there is a BMW M and Individual production area, you'll see wicked stuff flying around. Today I saw a Alpina E30 there, a E36 ACS S3 Ti, and 2 new F30 3-series (was my first time seeing those on the road).

If you're getting around mostly with the U-bahn and have some time tomorrow before leaving you can also checkout the huge BMW showroom at Frankfurter Ring station. Right now they have candy colored new BMWs in the showroom and just a lot of new BMWs in general.
I'm pretty much right across the street from the hauptbahnhof station. But unfortunately I'm leaving in a couple hours. So I don't have time to see anything else

Originally Posted by DR.ZED View Post
Stephen... you are the man. Keep the pictures coming.
As I mentioned, I'm returning to Venice today then flying home tomorrow. My picture taking for this trip is done. Sorry gents.
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