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Originally posted by Mr 318ti
stuck in traffic a few years back and i witnessed something.
some retard in a black sunfire and a towncar(gold) go at it.
one thing leads to another and all i see is 2 cars in the left lane stopped the guy in the sunfire gets out and spits in the guys face and they just start fighting in the middle of the 401.
thats what i wanna see!!

Are you Serious?!? Thats hillarious!!

Anyways, ever since the last snow storm, I've been noticied that everyone is driving like complete maniacs! While I was driving south on hwy 10 I saw this car (apparently trying to get by people, I guess he was in a rush or something). Anyways, I see him swerve to the left and he almost side swipes a minivan trying to get by this black car. Then he swerves to the right, back into his original lane, and he almost side swipes the black car pushing him right into the turning lane. Then he cuts the black car off again by swerving into the turning lane. Geeze, he coulda just stayed behind the black car and the results woulda have been virtually the same. The nerve of some people.

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