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Originally Posted by Blades View Post
Your forgetting its the first 3 series with an electronic waterpump and they were a bad make from the get go that manufactured them. I had this done on my car but I didnt pay $1k .. it was $600 and $400 for the part. The fixed this issue now as they offer a new part (different part number when you order) from the dealer. There are a few aftermarket ones people can get also but its not worth the hassle if it could happen again with an unknown brand.

Every car has there thing that goes .. on my E46 it was those damn control arms that would go all the time. I find that my E46 was more costly then my e90 so far and if you buy used you never know what you might get. As for oil changes every 10-12k I think its a bit long. I do mine every 5-7k .. I sold my E46 at 280,000k and the person that had it tracked it and it finally died at 760,000km. Thats how I know I have a good mechanic and the person took my old car to the same guy.
Who is your mechanic? I'm also in Miss and am in need of a good BMW shop.
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