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So I ended up changing the oil at 11,300km and found out the history of it was changes at 20k, 35k, 50k while under warranty, so intervals of 20k, 15k, 15k.

BMW factory oil seems to be the only thing I can find... at $8.61/L it's not overpriced, but it pains me to see 5L jugs of Mobile 1 or whatever on sale for $26 and I ccan't buy one. :-) Plus the nearest dealer is an hour from my house, wouldn't have expected to visit them every time I want to do an oil change.

Any thoughts on using BMWLL-01 European formula Mobile 1 0-40?
How about Penzoil Platinum BWMLL-01 European formula 5-30?
Anyone found good sources for these?
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