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Originally Posted by BoostedMX View Post
Where are all you guys finding oil filters for under 10 dollars? Everywhere I've gone cheapest I've found is 29.99+tax.

Also, I can't find OW 40 anywhere, so I picked up 5W 40, is there anything wrong in getting what I got?
IMO It should be fine, the E39 V8 revs frairly low and you're not racing the engine are you. I think most people go over board with which oil to use especialy on a car that is already broken in and when the engine was built the oils back then weren't advance as the ones today. So long as you change it often enough and the oil that is not too thick for the weather conditions you're good to go, all 5W oils are OK for our winters. Yes Castrol is recommended by BMW and there are bottles that have "for BMW" written on it but I've read other BMW oil threads on oil and basically the manufacturers certify the oils based on the oils ability to stay in service for a longer peroid of time so they can advertize longer recommemded service intervals. My car is older, I would never follow the electronics telling me when to change the oil that is too long an interval. I change my oil every 10k and I basically put what ever 5w30 synthetic oil that's on sale at Walmart, CT or Parts Source.
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