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Originally Posted by propr'one
There's a thread on BF.C exactly like this one, and all us e36 owners (and most e30, e46, and e39, etc owners agreed)

You know you love your bmw when you do the "look back".

-get out of car
-close door
-press "lock" button on alarm (or close door manually)
-take 5 paces away from your car
-turn around and look at your car for a second while you're walking away

honestly it may sound gay, but subconciously i think i do this EVERY time

(plus, my bmw is parked outside my house, i can see it from where im sitting, and i look at it very often)
Not ashamed to admit I do the same thing. My bedroom window allows me to see my garage and in the summer i leave my ride outside. Before I close the shades to go to bed at night I take one last look at her before I go to bed.....never did that with my civic or VR(well maybe the VR too because I was afraid of having it jacked!!!!!!)
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