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1. Peter Schiff is not a politician
2. Peter predicted the housing bubble in 2005, Ron paul predicted it in the 1980's, really reiterated it in 2003 I think it was, and bam it happened. Trust me you this man knows what he is talking about.
3. What caused these problems is more government a. government backed bad loans b. over inflation in the markets because of lack of competition
4. Damn right im against socialism, so are alot of people at OWS who are libertarians
5. wtf is corporate libertarianism? Last I checked libertarians do not believe in companies having human rights and qualities.
6. Those federal branches are a bunch of bureaucrats
7. The current system is what is called Crony capitalism, it is what happens with more government look it up, it is the cause of all these problems.
8. Don't misrepresent people at OWS, not all (wouldnt even say the majority) believe in socialism, alot of people want change but in a libertarian approach, they want "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" something you will NOT get with more government
9. You will notice Ron Paul is a libertarian, while the rest of the GOP politicians believe stripping your human rights internationally (war), and domestically (patriot act).
10. Countries (especially nordic countries) have been becoming less socialist in recent years. Parties in power in sweden: the alliance Finland: national coalition party and norway: progress party added with the conservative party hold more seats then the socialist party
11. Look at left leaning countries and compare GDP per capita to GDPppp.
12. In the past 5-6 years socialism has been DECIMATED, as people realize that crony capitalism has caused all of this to happen, and there is no place for it in a capitalist society.
13. If you think Canada, USA, or any of the European countries will drop capitalism all together in favor for full blown socialism, you are delusional.
14. Question for you: would you rather have lived on the west or east side of Berlin(1961–1989)?
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